Miami Sighting: Douchebags Far Worse Than the Stars of ‘Jersey Shore’

by 9 years ago


This past week, the cast of “Jersey Shore” began arriving in South Beach for their new season, and with their arrival we anticipate that the city’s air pollution will soon be at very alarming levels. Don’t get me wrong, I love the f*cking show but they are disgusting human beings and they give not only Italians, but humans in general, a bad name. The sad truth is, however, the “Jersey Shore” cast isn’t even the best representation of the dirty Guido/douchebag community. And now thanks to the Winter Music Conference and a South Florida correspondent who we will call, Chet Branson, we can now see who is.

The World Music Conference in Miami brings in sc*mbags from all regions of the country but none more so than the North Eastern Guido. These pasta-chugging antichrists tan, stock up on rubber cement for their hair, and play miss the vein with their steroid needles all winter long just so they can fly down to Miami and tear their f*cking biceps from excessive fist pumping. Well, it just so happens that the Winter Music Conference was just a few weeks ago and while we weren’t there — because we only attend things that are sensational — our boy Chet scored us some disturbing pictures from the event. And let me just say, I could not imagine how great “Jersey Shore” would be if the people in these pics were in the show. The shit we would see would probably be illegal in every country but Pakistan.

Let this act as a public service announcement as well as 10 very compelling reasons why you should never go to the Winter Music Conference… or Staten Island. Check out the photos after the jump.









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