Last Chance to Enter the Charity Lottery for BroBible’s Extra Tough Mudder Ticket

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BroBible wants to remind you that tomorrow night, April 15, at 11 p.m. ET, is the deadline to enter the charity lottery to win BroBible’s entrance ticket to Tough Mudder. Arguably one of the toughest races on the plant, Tough Mudder has given us a ticket to give to one of our lucky readers to participate in their sold-out May 2 event at Bear Creek Ski resort in Pennsylvania. People have literally been doing all sorts of wacky shit to be in this event (see videos after the jump) and we have a ticket with one lucky person’s name written all over it.


The Tough Mudder Race was designed with the help of the British Special Forces; the 7-mile course consists of 17 grueling obstacles. Participants can expect to brave freezing cold water, wade through thick mud, tackle underwater tunnels, finesse high ropes, and scramble through multiple cargo nets before finally running through fire. Yes, fire.


Three of our BroBible writers, including yours truly, are going to participate in and cover the May 2 event and we want one of our loyal readers there with us as part of Team BroBible. But there’s a catch on how you can get in on this action.


Since we only have one highly sought-after ticket, we are going to hold a lottery, but in order to be a part of this lottery, you must donate at least $10 to the Wounded Warrior Project, which is not only Tough Mudder’s favorite charity, but it is one of the most worthy causes there is. And even if you don’t feel like running in mud, through fire and crawling under barbed-wire, donate anyway to this great cause. It’s the American thing to do.


HOW TO DONATE: To make your donation,click here and fill out the form via Tough Mudder’s Wounded Warrior donation page. Then, in order for you to prove that you made your $10 or more donation, either forward us the confirmation email or send us a screenshot of the confirmation page to We know we’re making you jump through a few hoops to do this, but it’s an important cause and a highly sought after ticket, and, trust us, the race itself is much more challenging.


DEADLINE: All confirmation pages must be sent by 11 p.m. EST, Thursday, April 15. On Friday, April 16, we will announce the lottery winner and newest member of Team BroBible!


NOTE: If you live in California or some other location where getting to Bear Creek is impossible or too costly, don’t fret; we spoke to the folks at Tough Mudder and they said that this ticket can be used for any of their upcoming races.


Check out a few videos that people submitted just to gain entry into this one-of-a-kind, sold-out event.



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