Guess Who’s Playing Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane in the Newly Greenlit Adaptation of ‘Moneyball’

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Before “The Blind Side” hit theaters last year, the pre-opening buzz was not over Sandra Bullock’s soon-to-be-Oscar-winning performance, but rather the fact that noted author/journalist Michael Lewis had seen one of his other books adapted into a movie before his acclaimed “Moneyball.” Lewis himself was stunned that his book about former Major Leaguer turned Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane had still not received a Hollywood green light, while his book about homeless kid to NFL player Michael Oher would soon be in multiplexes everywhere. Now, $287 million in worldwide box office receipts and a Best Picture nomination and win for Bullock later, “Moneyball” is finally set to begin shooting this summer.

So who’s going to play Billy Beane?

That would be none other than Brad Pitt, who will take a significant pay cut upfront in order to help get the movie financed. Don’t worry, though: Like Bullock, who raked in tens of millions when the film did so well at the box office, Pitt will be getting a hefty part of the back end. So will Jonah Hill, who’s signed on to play Paul De Podesta, Beane’s sabermetrics-touting assistant (and eventual failed Dodgers GM; he’s now with the Padres). According to, however, “scratched from the lineup card is the entire roster of ex-ballplayers [director Steven] Soderbergh had set to play themselves, including Scott Hatteberg, David Justice, Darryl Strawberry and Lenny Dykstra.” Actually, Soderbergh is out, too, with “Capote” director Bennett Miller taking over helming duties. But Aaron Sorkin is getting credit for the latest version of the script, which has everyone involved buzzing. And Major League Baseball has apparently signed on to the film as well, which means it will allow filming in its ballparks and usage of its teams trademarks.

Anyway, all this Hollywood mumbo jumbo just means that one of the best recent books about baseball will soon be turned into hopefully one of the best baseball movies in years.


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