Hayward Declares for NBA, ‘South Park’ers Head to Broadway, Weezy Blogging, and Ochocinco Cereal

by 10 years ago

Seriously, you’re on Twitter and you’re still not following BroBible? Get with it. Here’s what you missed today…

RT @TheBigLead RT @greggdoyelcbs: Butler’s Gordon Hayward enters NBA Draft http://is.gd/bsP68


@BroBible: Larry King got divorced for the 8th time. Ladies, we challenge you to be #9…


RT @OGOchoCinco: Awesomeness is going on, had a cool photo shoot for my new Cereal coming out and I read a few lines for this movie today, awesomeness


@BroBible: South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone will bring “The Book of Mormon,” a new musical a la “Avenue Q,” to Broadway next year…


RT @marklavine: Lib of Congress to acquire ENTIRE Twitter archive, all public tweets since 06. YES, finally – a way to become immortal http://bit.ly/aPAcbs


@BroBible: Is Lil’ Wayne blogging about the McNabb trade from prison? yes, yes he is… http://weezythanxyou.com/

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