Wall Street Research Analysts Prefer ‘Dicks’ Over ‘BJs’

by 8 years ago


Look, we understand, finance bros: When you’re under a deadline and grinding away in the eleventh hour, mistakes happen. Particularly if you’re trying to make it to your old fraternity brother’s pre-game before heading out to a West Side titty bar on a Friday night. However, we’re not quite sure how your other analyst drinking buddies will react at happy hour when you tell them to get more “Dicks” and get rid of all their “BJs.” A tipster brought this innuendo item at RitHoltz to our attention. In the meantime, BroBible acoloytes, feel free to e-mail us contact@brobible.com with tips to gaffes and funny pictures at work or school. We’ll leak it for you confidently and anonymously. If you’re are still in the dark about what the heck Steve and Arjun at Bank of America/Merrill are actually referring to, we’ll explain it with a picture after the jump.





Yup, looks like it’s a “buy” order for Dick’s Sporting Goods; not so much for BJ’s Wholesellers.

[via RitHoltz]

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