Saudi Billionaire ‘Makes It Rain’ By Throwing Money At Women

by 10 years ago

The other day a video popped up on YouTube titled “Saudi Billionaire Throws Money On Women.” We were instantly intrigued. We have no idea if this video real and the man is indeed a Saudi billionaire. We’ll look into it and use our best investigative journalism skills to try identifying him. Investment banker bros, any leads? Anyway, this nameless 10-figure tycoon is making it rain on this singer a la Pacman Jones with a fistful of money in a Vegas strip club. Although Fat Joe will probably find the act amusing, he probably wishes it was scored with his song rather than whatever ear squirm is playing in the background.  Check out the ridiculous video find after the jump.




Baller? Bro of the week? Disrespectful?


Sound off in the comments if you know who this guy is…

[via Double Viking and Film Drunk]

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