10 Things for a Bro to Do in Summer 2010

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Believe it or not, the college school year is almost over and summer is fast approaching. Spring break has come and gone, finals are less than a week away, and then… sweet, sweet freedom. Obviously, with summer comes day drinking, late nights, going to the beach, road trips, barbecues, going out on the boat, and all around good times. But, what are you going to do on those days that hitting the beach or just chaying aren’t quite going to cut it? Here’s a list of 10 things for bros to do this summer.

1. The Kentucky Derby: May 1, Churchill Downs
While the infield scene isn’t quite that of the Preakness of old, the granddaddy of horse racing goes down this weekend and the mint juleps will be flowing. Maybe you won’t be drinking mint juleps, but you better be drinking bourbon of some sort as you check out all the Southern Belles’, err, hats.


2. Red Sox/Yankees Game at Fenway Park: May 7 to 9, Boston
This is the greatest rivalry in sports, and arguably (with Wrigley Field), the greatest ballpark ever. The fans at Fenway are knowledgeable and intense. It’s a great atmosphere to see a game, especially if the Yankees are in town. We saw three close games in the opening series between the two teams, so the next series at Fenway should be another exciting one.

3. The Preakness: May 15, Baltimore
“The Preakness: let me tell you something about the Preakness. I’ve never been to the Preakness. I heard it’s fun, though.” Anything that’s mentioned by Brantford Winstonworth and in “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” is going to be a blast. Unlike the Derby, however, if you head down to Baltimore that weekend, though, don’t expect to see any horses. It’s just a great place to party and an excuse to start drinking at 9 a.m.

4. Lax Camp Counselor
Okay, this one really only applies to college lacrosse players out there. Working at a camp will be one of the best weeks of your summer. Minimal “work,” hot trainers, and lots of lax — and you get paid for it. If you’re not sure which camp to work at, I recommend Notre Dame. They hire lots of outsiders, run a good (yet laid back) camp, give of lots of free swag, and pay like $600 for the week.

5. NCAA Lax Final Four: May 29 to 31, Baltimore
It’s back home in Baltimore this year, and it’s a three-day party filled with tailgating, babes, and lax. It’s pretty much a dream weekend for anyone even remotely interested in lacrosse. No further explanation is even necessary.

6. FIFA World Cup: June 11 to July 11, South Africa
So getting to South Africa may be challenging, but if you have the opportunity, you should definitely go. Other countries go insane over soccer so you know there’s going to be crazy parties everywhere, hosted by a bunch of different countries. Or, just throw a big party at your place with the game on the TV, even though no one will be watching it.  


7. Pespi 400 at Daytona: July 3, Daytona Beach Florida
Don’t like racing? No problem. It’s a night race at Daytona. It’s one of those things you simply have to see. Plus, everyone there will start drinking at 8 a.m., which is perfectly acceptable. It’s also another place that will be crawling with slam pieces, and capped off with a fireworks display after the race. It’s a day-long party.

8. A Weekend in Vegas
Travel and hotels for Vegas are usually cheap since they expect you to spend all your money at the casinos. Why not fly out for a weekend, do some gambling, hit on some girls out of your league, get some str*ppers, and call it a day?

9. Nantucket Race Week: August 7 to 15, Nantucket, MA
Whether or not you actually watch any boat racing is up to you, but this eight-day festival features tons of boat racing, and more importantly, parties. Plus, any time you go to Nantucket, you’re going to have fun. You might as well go while everyone else there is ready to party, too.

10. Country Fest at Gillette Stadium: August 21, Foxboro
Don’t like country music? Again, not a problem. People will arrive early to start drinking/tailgating very early in the day and carry it on late into the night. The security at Gillette is laid back and won’t bother you unless you’re bothering someone else. This year’s concert line-up features Easton Corbin, Sara Evans (see Top 10 Hottest Women in Country Music), Darius Rucker, Jason Aldean, and headliner, Brad Paisley.

Know of any other events that a bro won’t want to miss out on? Leave them in the comments.

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