Tough Mudder Was Quite the Event and After Party

by 9 years ago

Tough Mudder was an absolute blast and we certainly hope they invite us back to cover and participate in subsequent events (hint, hint). The event, thankfully, went off without a hitch; by that I mean no one was mutilated on the course. The event also raised over $200,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project, which is a phenomenal cause that no American should have trouble supporting.


Team BroBible managed to post a somewhat respectable time. The clock read one hour and twenty-five minutes when we galloped across the finish line of a 7 mile gauntlet that included more uphill running than I care to reflect back on. In fact, they made us run up a black diamond ski slope by the name of Sasquatch. No one ran, however, as that was impossible. Every last person crawled, clawed, and cursed their way up that f*cking mountain. It was so terrible that I heard my left calf muscle telling me to go f*ck myself in the middle of it.


Learn more and see our Tough Mudder video after the jump.


The course was tough, that’s for certain, but — the black diamond notwithstanding — all of the obstacles were slightly less impressive than I had hoped them to be. Also, due to insurance reasons and perhaps a bit of mercy, the race organizers did not include any barbed wire. Instead, we did military crawls (in mud) under regular wire which, sadly, was also void of any direct gunfire overhead.


After we finished the race, we enjoyed a blasting at the hands of a fire hose and then Team BroBible and our new friends from ESPN proceeded to drown ourselves in gallons of celebratory booze. Dog Fish beers were on tap, burgers were being served, and the band, Burnt Sienna, belted out cover tunes while other Mudder participants were doing swan dives down a hill of mud right after they reached the finish line.


All in all, Tough Mudder was a great experience and we accomplished our objective of finishing and getting blackout drunk. Again, we’d like to thank the Tough Mudder team for their hospitality, giving our charity winner, Harrison, race bib #69 and allowing us to be a part of their inaugural event. We would also like to offer a special bit of thanks to the lovely ladies who work for Tough Mudder because they exposed us to the most imposing fanny packs we have ever seen.

Now please enjoy this video montage that AZ helped me put together.



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