Bill Murray Leaves a NYC Club After Midnight with Three Women in Tow

by 9 years ago

If you read BroBible’s Morning Buzz or Evening Round-Up from top to bottom everyday, you’ve probably noticed my unabashed fandom for Bill Murray. Over the years, I’ve taken a lot of shit from friends for being a die-hard Murray disciple. They say things like, “He hasn’t made a funny movie since Kingpin” or hate on him for supporting Ralph Nadar during the 2000 presidential election. Whatever. He’s still “Bill Fuck-ing Murray.” These naysayers forget that he can golf with the best of them, invests in minor league baseball teams, parties with college students, plays guitar with Clapton, parachutes with the Army’s Golden Knights, and has houses in the Vineyard, LA, and New York. Murray lives the dream and he’s still pretty damn funny. Another reason why Murray is awesome? He’s a ladies man, as proven by his recent party antics at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival.




Pic via The Chive, but we’re not sure what newspaper or magazine the gossip clip is from.