Unique New York City Apartment Share for an ‘Attractive, Slim, and Easygoing’ Girl

by 9 years ago

It’s no secret that rent is New York City is crazy expensive, particularly in the up-and-coming, gentrified areas where twentysomethings migrate shortly after graduating from college. Paying $2k to $3k for a cramped shoebox is simply part of the grind if you want to live in a safe neighborhood with decent nightlife. Example A: the East Village, where an enterprising New Yorker in finance has figured out a way to subsidize his cost of living and spice up his life by requesting an “attractive, slim, and easygoing” female roommate on Craigslist. Unfortunately, this anonymous Craigslist poster is currently having every morsel of his life sucked away by working a 65-hours-a-week finance job. His solution? Have a smokeshow move into the apartment his parents bought him for only $300 dollars a month.


Of course there’s a caveat. She has to prance around in her underwear, but not all the time. Finance bros, sounds like a win-win situation, right? Maybe, except he probably shouldn’t have put a picture in the post for his co-workers and bosses at his venerable firm — along with the rest of the world — to identify him. Ladies and all other interested parties, take note his apartment has prime real estate just a block away from Veselka , one of the best 24-hour restaurants in lower Manhattan for sopping up booze at 5:30 a.m. after a night of heavy drinking. Full Craigslist ad after the jump….



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