To BroBible’s Class of 2010

by 8 years ago

You know what’s one of the broest things ever? Getting your 4 year f*cking degree on graduation day from a top American academic institution; and if you are among the described, well done. Brommunity, if you are this week or to come, graduating from college; I just want to extend congratulations. I had looked forward to graduating, but graduation day was honestly the best day of my life & I can’t believe the feeling that came along with it. There’s a lot of bicker back and forth about what’s bro and isn’t bro. I’m here to tell you that a bro is simply a college aged guy who first & foremost loves to party, & is on track to be a leader in American politics, law, business, & many other professions. None of those pillars of our society can be achieved without thorough & diligent study; and if you’re graduating this month it means you’ve done just that. 


Take the knowledge that you have garnered from these halls and f*cking dominate. Sitting around reminiscing & dwelling on bitter sweet memories is for chicks. Go black out this weekend, maybe skip on down to the keys for some fishing & more drinking (which I’m on my way to now, so if you do hit me up for a beer or eight) next week; then…hit the pavement & show the world what you’ve got. I wanna see you guys be the movers and shakers that our dad’s intend us to be. Meandering around and “trying to figure your life out”, is for chicks & GDI’s. If you don’t have something lined up, get to work on something.  AG & Waffles are great compass for that; they had an idea, some cash, & ball sacks to get it done. Start a company, sign up to work on a charter boat in Costa Rica, shit, anything. There’s to many people in this country right now complaining & looking for a handout, f*ck those people. They’re a sunk cost for this country, it’s our jobs to navigate around them and get this economy on track. 


So again congrats on graduating. College is over, things will be different. You’ll have plenty of time to party but now the balls in your court. Do something with it. 


Be well brosiffs,




*[Note: I quit my job this week & am moving out to LA this month. It’s a completely new town for me so hit me up with any tips bros!]


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