The 10 Best ‘Running of the Urinals’ Videos from the Preakness Infield

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Although it’s only the beginning of the work week, many Bros across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are already counting down the hours until Saturday, when 14 thoroughbreds will charge out of the gate for the 135th Preakness Stakes in Baltimore. The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans may decide the second winner in the Triple Crown, but everyone knows the craziest annual race at Pimlico in years past took place on top of the infield port-o-potties for the annual “Running of the Urinals.” Until all the fun was sucked away out of the Preakness last year, the unofficial, drunken rooftop race was slowly becoming as much of a summertime Maryland tradition to college students as a weekend trip to Ocean City.


For the second year in a row, Pimlico is trying to curb debauchery and rowdiness on the infield by enforcing a moratorium against coolers stocked with BYOB beer. Despite the track’s prohibition against cheap cans of Natty and Busch Lite, a $20 all-you-can-drink deal promises to at least start making things interesting once again. Unfortunately, it also means this year’s “Running of the Urinals” — if it even happens — won’t feature its iconic hailstorm of beer cans. Throwing a 16-ounce plastic souvenir mugs is just downright lame and definitely isn’t advised.


In order to pump up those Bros headed to the Preakness on Saturday, we’ve rounded up the 10 best “Running of the Urinals” videos on the Internet. Some participants are successful in dodging an aerial assault of cans. Others get completely owned by the bombardment of half-full beers and are barely able to crawl across the slippery roofs. One unlucky urinal runner even ends up diving headfirst into the side of a portable plastic crapper. Check out all 10 videos after the jump.





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