Five Incredible Photos of Roman Abramovich’s New Yacht, the ‘Eclipse’

by 9 years ago

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich knows how to make money — and spend it. Forbes has pinned the rags-to-riches oil magnate and flashy owner of Britain’s Chelsea Football Club as the 50th richest man in the world. He already boasts a smoking hot WAG in Dasha Zhukova, a robust portfolio of real estate around the world, and the world’s largest plane. Now, his latest toy is a 557-foot mega-yacht that recently set sail from its berth in Hamburg, Germany. The vessel is estimated to coast between $400-$800 million, reports the Huffington Post. Luxist puts the yacht’s total price tag just south of a billion dollars.


The “Eclipse” is the fifth yacht in Abramovich’s personal armada, but this vessel isn’t your everyday recreation boat for island hopping around the Lesser Antilles. Although the vessel is the size of a small cruise ship, the “Eclipse” currently holds the title as the world’s largest yacht. The private boat claims all the creature comforts necessary to accommodate any Bond villain looking for a swift getaway, including two helipads, a three-man submarine, a missile-detection system, bullet-proof windows, and an anti-paparazzi electronic “shield” that blocks cameras from taking pictures with some sort of “Star Wars”-esque technology. According to Super Yachts, the “Eclipse” also claims two swimming pools and 24 luxury guest cabins. The website says the vessel is headed toward Kristiansand, Norway, this weekend, where it will dock for Norwegian Constitution Day before undergoing more sea trials. Five more incredible photos of Roman Abramovich’s “Eclipse” leaving the shipyard after the jump.