Sixth Grader Sings Lady Gaga, Makes Girl Classmates Swoon

by 9 years ago


We apologize in advance for this post: It’s the gayest one we’ll put up all year. But in the video after the jump a sixth-grade boy at a school talent show sings and plays the piano to Lady Gaga’s “Paparrazi,” and if you ever wanted to know why musicians get tons of ass, this is the reason. Turn off the sound if you’d like (although, to be honest, for a sixth grader, he’s not bad), cover up most of the screen with Word docs or something, and just watch the girls’ reaction in the back row of the risers behind him. In particular, watch the blonde girl in the black tank top below South America, who, in the apt words of one commenter, “starts out being mildly amused but transitions into amazement followed by love followed by her first song-gasm. i see them becoming scarily similar to will and grace in the next 15 years.” The video is after the jump.



We now return you to your regularly scheduled BroBible programming. (P.S., Scooter Braun, sign him!)

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