The Creepiest Wedding DJ in the History of Wedding DJs

by 8 years ago

In theory, weddings should always kick ass. Each and every one should be a legendary grind-fest with beautiful brides maids willing to drop their panties at the end of the night and Caligula-esque feasts with booze flowing as deep and wide as the Mississippi River during the crest of a flood. Unfortunately, some weddings are suck ass nightmares: the chicken cordon bleu tastes like it was served from a lukewarm prison buffet; the bride’s parents are religious nuts who insist on cutting off the open bar at eight P.M., or a D.J. causes a ruckus by feeling up his assistant during the epic drum fill in Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight.” The latter is exactly what happens in this viral video. Things get weird at the 26 second mark. At least he has decent rhythm for a balding thirty-something who spends his Saturday nights wearing cheap bow-ties and hanging out in cheesy banquet halls. The moral is pretty obvious: they should have gone with the live band. Check it out after the jump.


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