Going All Out With Matt and Joe From ‘All Out’

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Matt McCormick and Joe Skutnik have been churning out party-friendly bangers since 2007, when they first started blowing up on the scene as “All Out.”  Earlier in May the Boston-based power duo played Bamboozle at Giants Stadium and their popularity is growing exponentially with their hit single “Lights.” BroBible recently caught up with All Out to discuss their roots, favorite party songs, and their plans for the future. Check our exclusive interview after the jump.


BroBible: What have you two been up to these days?


Joe: Working on new music, making connections, and playing shows when we can. Just getting ready for when Matt graduates.


Matt: Yeah, we’re planning to really hit the ground running when summer hits, writing songs like crazy and lining up shows for the year.


How did you two link up, and when did you start putting songs together?


Matt: Joe and I were in a band together during high school, and one day he comes along with a beat (which turned out to be “Timebomb,” our first single) and asked me to sing on the track. I was hooked on the style right away.



Joe: Yeah, I started making beats and selling them to rappers on MySpace back when I was in high school. As I was getting closer to graduating I was thinking more about what I’d do after high school. I wanted to be more involved in my music and actually do some vocals instead of giving beats away and sitting in the back. I didn’t know anyone who could really sing except for Matt and since we both went to high school together I asked him to sing a hook I wrote. As I continued to write, the project turned into All Out.


What inspires you to create a new song?


Joe: In a literal sense, I usually start with the beat. I usually create the hook with the beat at the same time, and it goes from there.


Matt: Yeah, truthfully most of the inspiration I get comes right from a beat that Joe’s written. That’s where the whole feel of the song comes from, and we base our lyrics on the feeling we get from any given beat. Plus I think we really get inspired by huge pop hits. We’ll just hear something super-catchy on the radio and go “this is sick, we should do something like this.” There are so many new electronic sounds hitting the radio these days that it’s hard not to love some of the ideas.


Your music reminds us of a mixture of Fall Out Boy (or something similar) with a serious electronic party twist added to it. How would you describe your sound?


Matt: Haha, I’d say that’s a pretty decent description, I’ll definitely take that as a compliment. Honestly, even I have a tough time putting our style into words, because I think we draw from a lot of our favorite genres, which are pretty diverse. If I have to describe our style I usually reference bands like Cobra Starship, 3OH!3, and Ke$ha.


Joe: We just like to make different-sounding stuff you can have fun with. People make music for different reasons. I like to make it to give people a good time. Just something fun and different to crank.


Who were some of your musical influences growing up, and how has that affected your music today?


Joe: I grew up on everything. My dad started a radio station, so I was literally around all kinds of music my entire childhood. My friends and my brother got me into hip-hop and party rap in high school, so I think that all kind of explains the OCD-party vibe in the music.


Matt: Yeah, seriously. Joe will put his iPod on shuffle during road trips and it’ll be like “A Day to Remember” followed by Kelly Clarkson followed by Tupac.


Which current artists would you most like to collaborate with? Why?


Matt: Ummm, probably Ludacris. Name me one person who doesn’t recognize Luda’s voice immediately. Also Passion Pit. Is that a weird combo?


Matt, what is your beverage of choice?


Matt: BBC’s Steel Rail Pale Ale. Also the Arnold Palmer is a classic, if we’re talking before 2 p.m. or so. Just kidding.


We noticed a slower song as well that reminded us of Ben Folds (“So The Whole World Knows”). What inspired this song, and why is it different from your other tracks?


Matt: Wow Ben Folds? Thanks. That song’s a lot simpler than Ben Folds’ stuff, but that’s generally the style we were going for. I honestly love his stuff, and it was sick to get to know him a little on “The Sing-Off” (the NBC show that ran last December). Joe and I love to write acoustic/lighter stuff, and we thought All Out fans would appreciate us switching up our style pretty heavily for that track.


What is your favorite type of venue to perform at?


Joe: Clubs. (Right after churches and my grandparents’ living room.)


Matt: Seconded.


Joe, what are your top five party songs ever?


Joe: That’s tough. Party songs? Right now, it’s anything by the Beastie Boys, along with some “Pon De Floor” (Major Lazer), “Dirt Nasty” (1980), “Mind on the Road” (Rev Run), and “Outta Your Mind” (Lil Jon).


What do you guys go for in a live performance?


Joe: Energy.


Matt: We just want kids to have fun. We’re always jumping around and dancing, and it’s really just so the audience will feel like they should be dancing, too. Seriously, why stand still? We’re not writing beats so you can stand around.



What’s next for All Out? Any tour plans soon?


Matt: We played Bamboozle on May 2 at Giants Stadium, which was sweet. Once I graduate from Tufts at the end of May, I’ll be moving back to Western Mass so that Joe and I can write and record our mixtape. We’re pumped to be working with Clinton Sparks on the mixtape, and we’ll be releasing it for free so everyone can get a hold of it. Touring plans are in the works for September with some great artists, so keep an eye on our Facebook/MySpace for updates.

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