Before Rima Fakih Won Miss USA, She Won A Pole Dance Competition in Detroit

by 9 years ago


Like many of you, I honestly don’t give a rats ass about beauty contests. However, I think most Bros can all agree on two things: Rima Fakih is hot and her accomplishment as the first Lebanese-American, Arab-American, Muslim, and immigrant to win the Miss USA title is commendable. This morning Detroit radio station Mojo 95.5 revealed photos of Fakih putting the moves on a str*pper pole during a “Stripper 101” contest in 2007. According to TMZ, Fakih won “jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a str*pper pole for home use” for her seductive pole dance. There’s even a damning picture of her bra stuffed with dollar bills.


Now the pageant appears to be “investigating” the Fakih’s involvement in the str*pper contest, whatever the hell that mean. Although it seems like much ado about nothing to heterosexual male with a pulse, maybe being a pole dancing or str*pper in the beauty pageant world is like sucking down a human growth hormone and playing baseball. Hopefully she doesn’t get her crown pulled or an asterisk next to her name because, quite honestly, the fact she likes to strip just ups the ante on Miss Michigan’s sexiness. Six more hot photos of Rima Fakih, Miss USA, stripping after the jump…








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