Photo Gallery: Lively Up Yourself at San Diego State University’s Reggae Party 2010

by 9 years ago


Editor’s Note: We’re always on a noble quest to hear about the best college parties at your college and university. If you have a party you’d like to cover at your school, send some words and pictures to


Two years ago, Sigma Chi’s Reggae Party at San Diego State University helped the school earn an impressive number three spot on Playboy’s semi-annual “best party schools” list. After taking a year off, BroBible had a covert insider at this year’s Reggae Party to file a exclusive report. We hear it was bigger than ever with two pools, two swim up bars, two cabannas, a shipwrecked boat, hundreds of West Coast hotties, water slides, 10 stages (including an afternoon performance by Gorillas Zoe), and, according to our insider, “a shit load of sand.”  Judging by the pictures he sent us, he forgot to mention the hot girl-on-girl action and enough Natty to keep a tribe of thirsty Rastafarians hydrated for a month. 16 photos from Reggae Party at San Diego State University after the jump.