Photo Gallery: Beer, Babes, and A Block Party at University of Delaware’s First Annual Choatefest

by 8 years ago

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On Saturday, May 15th, one street at the University of Delaware decided to throw a block party on the sunny, 80 degree day.  What went down is now known as the first annual Choatefest. Every single house on the street had at least two kegs, so we’re talking over 40 kegs total. There were multiple trips to refill each keg too! Over 2,000 bros and hot University of Delaware chicks showed up to rage. Each backyard was packed, music was blasting and the street filled up with enough people that cars couldn’t get through. Since his was a spur of the moment party, the cops couldn’t do anything to stop it. They just decided to let the mayhem happen. As a junior at the school, I would have to say this was probably the best party I’ve yet to experience here. Check out the pictures after the jump and chay on, Bros.



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