Flyers vs. Habs, NBA Draft Combine, and MLS Action

by 8 years ago

Here’s what’s worth watching tonight:

7 p.m.: NHL Playoffs: Flyers vs. Canadiens (Versus)

8 p.m.: “FlashForward” (ABC); “Community” (NBC); MLS: Columbus Crew vs. New York Red Bulls (ESPN2)

8:30 p.m.: “Parks and Rec” (NBC)

9 p.m.: “The Office” (NBC); “Fringe” (FOX); NBA Draft Combine (ESPN-U)

9:30 p.m.: “30 Rock” (NBC)

10 p.m.: “The Mentalist” (CBS); “The Marriage Ref” (NBC)


Tonight’s late-night lineup is after the jump:

Daily Show: Repeat.

Colbert Report: Repeat.

Letterman: Katherine Heigl, Magician Steve Cohen, Band of Horses

Leno: Chelsea Handler, Chris Matthews, Sarah McLachlan

Kimmel: Josh Holloway, chef Adam Perry Lang, Slayer

Ferguson: Holly Hunter, The Hold Steady

Fallon: Will Forte, Jim Parsons, John Delucie

Carson: V.V. Brown, She & Him


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