The Dudesons Invade America and Your Television

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MTV has helped shape so many young and impressionable minds. Through its unique programs and the hours upon hours of music videos it doesn´t play each day, MTV is responsible for much of our generation´s entertainment. And one of its most memorable, and quite possibly most successful, shows was “Jackass,” a wildly popular series that taught us the importance of bedlam and that blasting your friends in the testicles is just plain fun. What most people don´t know, however, is that while “Jackass” was taking place in the U.S., “The Dudesons” — a gaggle of four Finnish gents — were overseas acting just as insane while testing their own pain thresholds.


Since “Jackass” is now off the air, MTV thought who better to step in and give Americans our fill of the absurd than a group of guys who are willing to do just about anything. Even if that “anything” consists of racing, and getting mauled by, a f*cking tiger (as depicted below and in an upcoming episode) these men are up to the task. Their new show, “Dudesons in America,” airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. The quartet of dare devils, all of whom grew up in Finland, consists of Jukka Hilden (the ringleader), Hannu-Pekka “HP” Parviainen (Mr. Sensitive), Jarppi Lappala, and Jarno Laasala.


When I spoke with Jukka, their faithful chief, he made it clear there is no stunt that the group won´t try. He also gave us some insight on what big stunts we can expect this season and exactly what The Dudesons think about the guys from “Jackass.”


BroBible: The four of you grew up snowboarding and skateboarding. How long has it been since you migrated from participating in extreme sports to extreme overall behavior?


Jukka: We´ve been doing the show for 10 years now. Since 2001. We kind of look at it as the international seasons were the warm up for us to come to America and now it´s time to release the hell.


What has been your favorite/most memorable stunt or prank that you have done?


Hmm. One of my most favorite ones this season was when HP was trying to outrun a tiger. The tiger caught him so it worked perfectly. At one one point it looked like the tiger was humping him.


What is one stunt that you will never, under any circ*mstance do?


Um, the ideas we come up with somehow always find a way to get done. So far there hasn´t been a stunt that we haven´t done. That is the exciting part of it.


What is the worst injury you have ever endured from a stunt gone wrong, or even right for that matter?


This season, Jarppi broke his back. He was in a full back brace for two months. So that was pretty bad. We’ve also had, broken ribs, torn ACL´s, burnt face and a busted tailbone, but it did not slow us down. Not even a bit.


Why is HP nicknamed Mr. Sensitive? Is he the p*ssy of the group?


I wouldn´t say he is the p*ssy of the group. But he is always the one to second guess things and worry, but once he gets on a bike or starts to do a stunt, he loses all common sense and just goes for it. He’s always really worried about things but in the end he winds up doing the most bad-ass things.


How has America reacted to The Dudesons thus far?


The good thing is that we are producing this together with Johnny Knoxville, so he has opened a lot of doors for us. We have had some cultural differences and clashes but we haven´t gotten kicked out of the country and we haven´t gone to jail yet. So that´s good. American´s have been treating us very nice. They are like, “oh shit these guys are crazy, but I kind of like them.”


How did you guys become boys with the “Jackass” crew? It seems like you should be rivals, not allies.


I think it was a friendship made in heaven. We knew Bam and Steve-O from doing some filming with them and then we met Johnny Knoxville and they were excited about the idea to bring the show to America.


I know that you guys are all friends but who is more insane, The Dudesons or the guys from “Jackass?”


We all have our strengths. We don´t compete with those guys; we just try to inspire each other. We look at it as we are all on the same team.


Can you give us a few highlights that we can look forward to the rest of this season?


Well, like I said, HP is going to race a tiger. We are going to do a thing called scorpion soup, and then we are going to drive a military tank through a 30-foot building that I will be standing on top of and it´s going to end up burning my face. So there is a little bit of mayhem coming up.


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