GALLERY: 12 Sexy Photos of Angie Sanclamente Valencia, the Hottest Cocaine Dealer in the World

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This past February, former Colombian supermodel Angie Sanselmente Valencia was put on an Interpol Most Wanted list as the kingpin of a sophisticated international cocaine-smuggling operation. According to the Daily Mail, Valencia employed glamour models as pack mules to traffick Bolivian marching powder across the Atlantic between South America and Europe. Yesterday she was arrested in Buenos Aires, where she was hiding out in a hostel.


Earlier this year, Blackbook magazine called the 31-year old model/drug dealer “Your New Dreamgirl” and, judging by her sexy photos and hypnotic story of international intrigue, we kinda, sorta agree. Before she began hitching up the reindeer and dealing powder diamonds, Valencia was crowned Colombia’s “Queen Of Coffee” in 2000. The Daily Mail reports she began to date a Mexican drug lord known as “The Monster” before cutting things off to start her own cartel in Argentina, where she pushed some major weight by having a different girl board a flight everyday with a package of cocaine. It almost sounds like she ripped the technique straight from the flight attendant scene in “Blow.” Each beautiful pony in her stable was paid $4,500 per trip, which involved a connecting flight in Cancun. Details are sketchy about the specifics, but apparently sometime in either January or February of 2010, Valencia was ratted out as the mastermind of the operation when a model was seized with 55kg of cocaine at the airport in Buenos Aries.




If you disagree with us calling Sanclamente Valencia the hottest cocaine dealer in the world, let us know in the comments. In the meantime, this seems wildy appropriate:


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