Introducing Coach Pat, BroBible’s New Strength and Conditioning Guru

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Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of our new fitness column by Coach Pat Panico, a certified strength and conditioning coach and former minor league strength coach. He has trained and consulted numerous professional athletes. He has also trained and managed at some of New York’s most prestigious health clubs, including Equinox, Casa, and New York Sports Club. His private clients include models, actors, athletes, and weekend warriors. In addition, he is skilled body worker trained in massage, Active Release Techniques, and Trager Therapy.

Greeting Bros. Coach Pat here. When the boys at BroBible asked me to write fitness articles for them I was hesitant at first. I have been asked many times to submit articles to fitness magazines and health-related websites. I have always turned them down as I realized they were only interested in the popular bullshit people want to hear. But the guys promised me that they would leave me alone and let me write the facts — not the same old tired crap other sites and magazines push. They promised to let me use lousy language. And that I could be gross and make fun of other personal trainers who are stealing money from unsuspecting chumps like you. They also promised to send me nekked pictures of their girlfriends, which I want to tell you I have not yet received.

So here is what I promise you guys. No bullshit articles about six packs, one-set magic, and wonder drugs you rub on your balls. I’m going, to the best of my ability, to provide you with the facts and science behind strength and fitness. We are going to catalog past articles so that you can always have access to information that has already been presented. I will keep it simple and fun and provide lots of great tips and ideas to make training as effective as possible. I will give you the do’s and don’ts of fitness in a concise and simple manner.

So drops your jocks and grab your cocks. We’re going to get smarter about our bodies. And maybe get some of those six-pack abs you guys dream of. Oh, and I know we have some Creamettes tuning in too. I won’t forget you. We’re all going to get in shape and have some fun.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the coming weeks:

Why the Hell are You Doing That?
This article will cover simple concepts of weight training and introduce the concept of “why the hell are you doing that?” I want you guys to start thinking when you go into the gym and the best way is to ask that question. And if you don’t have an answer other then because it feels painful or because they saw someone else do it then maybe it’s time to get some information about weight training.

Sets, Reps, Intensity, and Stuff Like That
This article will explain the relationship between sets, reps, and intensity and discuss the few actual variables that can be manipulated to bring about physiological changes. See. I got you thinking already. Let’s just say this is the science behind working out. And by understanding its basics you can start to    understand why “you don’t do that.”

Writing an Effective Workout Program
O.K., we have some basic ideas about how the body works. Now let’s talk about writing a workout program that works for you. It’s very important to doc*ment programs and I will show you how to use Excel Spreadsheets to doc*ment a training session. In fact we will talk about building a month’s worth of workouts and following them for optimal gains.

The Power of 4
Now I will get a bit gimmicky. By now you understand sets and reps and how to write a program. Now I am going to tell you some simple programs to follow. The power of four is something I just made up, just right now! But it sounds good so you have to believe it works. Actually, it’s a very time-efficient way to use circuits of 4 movements to get the most bang for the buck. But I will use sets and reps to explain how you can vary these circuits to adjust for adaptation.

Look for the first installment after Memorial Day.

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