Five Reasons Why Liquid Flow are the Shorts of the Summer

by 9 years ago


On June 7, the winners of Liquid Flow’s Cash Sweepstakes, with a Grand Prize of $2,500, will be announced. The announcement will be made exclusively on Liquid Flow’s Facebook Fan page. Several lucky second-place winners will receive free Liquid Flow shorts while the Grand-Prize winner will not only take home free shorts but also $2,500 in cold, hard cash. Nearly every entrant to the Sweepstakes was a BroBible reader, so Liquid Flow is going to make one Bro’s summer very sweet.


That’s fitting because there’s no better time of the year than summer. Whether it’s cooking out with your Bros in the backyard or picking up babes at the local beach or watering hole, everything seems to just be better during the summer. The summertime possibilities are endless and to fully take advantage of those three magic months you need to always be prepared. Liquid Flow shorts will allow you to take advantage of all the summer has to offer.


Now here are 5 reasons why Liquid Flow are the Shorts of the Summer:

1. Our 100% waterproof pocket allows you to swim with your valuables.


2. You will be ready for anything: backyard barbecues, the beach, the links, the bars, and more.

3. Liquid Flow are the smoothest shorts around (and will always get you the girl).

4. They’ll make you smarter (this may or may not be true).

5. Everybody is doing it!

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