Apple Reveals iPhone 4G, Featuring Video Chat, Better Screen, and Thinner Design

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Today marked the start of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs announced the launch of the newest iPhone, along with a couple other treats to keep all you Apple Fanboys salivating. Apple’s business plan is to make its older products seem completely obsolete as soon as they unveil their newest masterpiece, and today’s unveiling did just that. The new iPhone 4 hasn’t strayed much aesthetically but it is a definite game changer for mobile devices.

Jobs started off the unveiling by admitting that many people had already seen the product (remember that lost iPhone found at a bar?) but then said it was “Beyond a doubt one of the most beautiful and precise things we’ve ever made” and that “you aint’ seen it.” The new design is 24% thinner than the current 3GS model and boasts a front and rear camera with flash, two microphones for noise cancelation, a super-strong stainless steel frame that serve as an extra large antenna, and more than 100 new features in total. The display on the phone is what really got Jobs excited, calling it a Retinal Display, claiming that it boasts four times the pixel density of any mobile display on the market. The 3.5 inch screen has 326 pixels per square inch, while the human eye can only see 300 pixels making the display appear larger and curved like a paperback book. Battery life is also increased with 6 hours guaranteed for 3G browsing, 10 hours WiFi browsing, 10 hours video, 40 hours music, and 300 on standby. The iPhone4 comes in 16 and 32GB sizes, costing $199 and $299, respectively, with a 2-year contract extension. Colors are still white and black, although now the faceplate is white too if your going for that sleek all white look everyone loves so much.

The video capabilities are what really put the iPhone 4 ahead of everyone else. With the upgraded display, the phone can now shoot video in 720pHD at 30 frames per second and takes pictures at 5 megapixel resolution. On top of that, for $4.99 you can now purchase iMovie from the App store and edit any video file on your phone, just like you would on your computer. The phone’s operating system, now renamed iOS4, now features the multitasking we had heard about a few months ago, as well as the ability to store applications in folders. iBooks and Netflix will also be available when the OS update is released on June 24th.

Jobs decided to show everyone the newest (and most impressive) feature rather then explain it. Similar to the release of the first iPhone Jobs called good friend and lead Apple designer Jony Ive — using video rather then audio. Yes, video chat is now available for iPhone users, though it is lamely titled “Face Time.” It’s only available when both parties are using WiFi, which I guess sucks for now, but the fact that video calling on a mobile phone is a reality is still mind-blowing. Face Time requires no set up and you can use either the front or back camera to display yourself or what your looking at. The iPhone 4 will start shipping June 24th, so go cuddle your new iPad to help you get through these next few weeks of agony.

End Note: A couple things actually went wrong during the presentations. When Jobs was explaining the multitasking feature and brought up the New York Times through Safari, the web page wouldn’t load. Jobbs quickly blurted out “Well, geez, I don’t like this” and the crowd responded with Verizon Wireless chants. Eventually he asked everyone to turn off their cell phones and wireless devices because it was interfering with the WiFi. Video chat also became choppy at one point but I honestly doubt it’s anything to worry about. This phone is dope.

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