Just in Time for Father’s Day, BroBible Launches ‘My Dad is a Bro’ on Tumblr

by 8 years ago

If there’s one universal truth here at BroBible, it’s that there’s no man as important in a Bro’s life than his father. No matter what age, Dads pass along a blazing torch of masculinity and wisdom from generation to generation, whether it’s teaching you how to properly swing a nine iron or baseball bat, grill a steak, or master a stick shift. Although your Pops expects and deserves the very best from you, he’s the one who helps you laugh off a break up, encourages you to take new risks, doesn’t tell your Mom when he catches you hooking up with a girl but still warns you to wrap it up because “he’s not ready to be a grandfather.” All things said, there’s nothing more Bro than admiring your Old Man.


In honor of Father’s Day and beyond, BroBible has created a special Tumblr photoblog, simply titled “My Dad is a Bro.” We want it to be a space for BroBible readers to share the epic Bro conquests of their fathers, whether it be an awesome photo of your Pop Bro-ing out or a candid story of your Old Man at his idiosyncratic best. Send your submissions to mydadisabro@brobible.com or upload them yourself by clicking here. We want My Dad is a Bro to take on a life of it’s own a la People of Wal-Mart, Look at this F***ing Hipster, and My Parents were Awesome over the next two weeks, so we’ll soon be announcing a special contest shortly. Stay tuned.


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