Bob Marley Playing Soccer, 50 Hottest Brazilians, Babes of Glee, and Hot Bonnaroo Girls

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 Tonight we change things up with photos of Bob Marley plying soccer. [Uncoached]



  • A guy’s guide to the hot babes of “Glee.” [Maxim]
  • 2010 Stanley Cup: Between Flyers and Blackhawks, Who Has the Hotter Ice Girls? [Bleacher Report]
  • The 50 Hottest Brazilian women. [Complex]
  • The 8 Steamiest Celebrity “Lesbian” Kisses. [Ranker]
  • Bonnaroo girls of 2010 paint their bodies for us [COED]
  • Emily Scott blows us away again in Ralph magazine. [Guyism]
  • Nikki Sims is on a str*pper pole. [Gorillas Mask]
  • We approve of Megan Fox in skin tight jeans  [Popoholic]
  • Carrie Underwood would give Jennie FInch a run for her money in the competition for “Hottest Softball Player” [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Photos of this World Cup WAG never get old. [DJ Mick]
  • ‘Twin T*tties’ Bar Event Celebrates Boobies, OK Baseball Team. [Asylum]
  • Faye Regan proves to us that Black is the new Black.  [Beer Goggler]
  • We’re not sure Japan got the memo on the meaning behind cheerleaders.  [Nerve]
  • Hot emo and scene girls. [Caveman Circus]

    Fernanda Lopez and her groovy body is a must see. [BroSome]

  • Danica Patrick Look-a-Like Tanner Mayes. [MoonDogSports]
  • Four hot girls, hanging out together. [Double Viking]
  • 17 hot photos of Lena, a new Internet sensation. [The Chive]
  • The Debrahlee Lorenzana “Too Hot For CitiBank” saga CONTINUES. Will this ever end? We’re sick of looking at this girl’s Facebook already. [Dealbreaker]
  • Sexomnia is a disorder that we have NO intention of finding the cure to [Asylum]
  • Why modest men get the brush-off from women. [Linkiest]
  • Woah. Pete Rose shamed again. Looks like this time it is over a corked baseball bat. [Deadspin]
  • ESPN ran a bunch of sick new World Cup posters today [DJ Mick]
  • Mexican wrestler punches a grabby fan. [TPS]
  • Ron Synan proves that hockey coaches like to throw down just as much as hockey players. Not so tough when you beat up a kid though. [Busted Coverage]
  • Top 10 best catchphrase announcers of all time. [Bleacher Report]
  • 25 soccer hooligans in action. [Holy Taco]
  • Stewart Cink made a ballsy move. Get it?  [Hot Clicks]
  • The best incoming juniors in College Football [Bleacher Report]
BroBible PSA
  • Have you checked out My Dad is a Bro on Tumblr yet? We already have photos of a dad fist-pounding on a private jet, a dad doing a keg stand, and a dad doing an ice luge. Send photos to or submit your photos here. [MyDadIsABro]
Funny, Random, Etc.
  • 5 rules of etiquette to follow in a strip club [Holy Taco]
  • Hawaii 5-O preview. Wait, what decade is it again? [Heavy]
  • A gallery of homemade Batmobiles [Ego TV]
  • Funny story: The dirty rugby sl*t and the snowballing teammate. [Regretful Morning]
  • Hey look! Maxim goes to Philly Beer Week. [Maxim]
  • Hey look! Asylum goes to Philly Beer Week. [Asylum]
  • Washington D.C. could be Michael Bay’s next victim  [Screen Junkies]
  • Obama puts a college kid to sleep at graduation [College Humor]
  • A couple gets married in a shark tank! [Daily What?]
  • How to survive summer school. [College Humor]
  • Spoiler alert: Indiana Jones Five takes place in the Bermuda triangle. [FilmDrunk]
  • How to know not to get married. As if you needed any help.  [Made Man]
  • 22 fictional characters whose name’s you don’t know [Mental Floss]
  • This Alien action figure makes kids paranoid [Manofest]
  • Turns out Einstein was a lady’s man [Ned Hardy]
  • The iPhone ain’t got sh** on the Droid. Here’s why. [VladTV]
VIDEO: Is this 11-year old rapper CJ Dippa the next Eminem? Guess which rapper Drake is talking about. Check out the videos after the jump.  



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