CNBC’s Mark Haines References BroBible’s ‘Bro Number Three of the Week’ Honor on ‘Squawk on the Stre

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It’s been quite a banner day for BroBible on the national media attention front. Last night we told you about today’s New York Times story that all but gave credit for the origins of the Bros Icing Bros phenomenon to an April 1 post in the Brommunity. (We’ve done some research, however, and are sharing credit with our friends at Statusbro.)

Then, this morning, as we were watching CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street,” per our usual morning routine, we thought we heard co-host Mark Haines make the greatest reference of all time. We re-wound the DVR, and sure enough, Haines called himself the “Bro #3 of the Week.”

Some background: Last Wednesday, June 2, Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga lost his bid for a perfect game when umpire Jim Joyce botched a routine call at first base. Joyce later apologized. The next morning, on “Squawk on the Street,” Haines lamented the call (“C’Mon! Outrageous! Outrageous!”). Co-host Erin Burnett, however, tried to find a silver lining by saying, “I thought it was handled so beautifully. It was a more memorable moment for its failure, perhaps.” 

Haines responded: “This is why women aren’t in charge of sports.”

Following those remarks, Waffles McButter awarded Haines the third spot in his regular Friday “Bro of the Week” column — one spot behind Galarraga himself. Haines has been out sick for the past couple days, but during the opening of his triumphant return to “squawk” this morning, he justified his “playing hurt” with the amazing reference.

Before we get to the video, two quick points. Haines, as is eminently clear, is a total Bro. From watching the show everyday, we’ve known this for a long time; we also know that his son is a college laxer, and we’re guessing also a BroBible reader who tipped off dear old Dad to his honor. So a big thanks to Haines and his son for being such Bros. They’re instant members of the Bro Hall of Fame. And finally, a note about Haines’s co-host and target of his momentary derision: Her dumb Galarraga comments notwithstanding, Erin Burnett is without a doubt our favorite female anchor on CNBC (and perhaps anywhere on TV). Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s smart, funny, and always quick with an interesting fact or bit of trivia about the world, business or otherwise. Along with Haines, she never fails to get our working day off on the right foot. So, Erin, don’t feel too bad: You were named as a Top 5 Hottie of the Week on May 7, and you’re always in the running in our hearts.

Here’s the amazing video:


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