Meet the Perfect Future Girlfriend for our Favorite Two-Pack-A-Day Two Year Old

by 9 years ago

Back when we told you about this two year old in Indonseia who smokes 40 cigarettes a day, little did we know he’d soon discover his match made in heaven just a few weeks later: a three-year old girl in China who smokes a pack a day and, according to her mother, “likes drinking.” The Daily Mail reports Ya Wen took up smoking and drinking after she was struck by a van and emerged from a five-day coma. According to her mother, her toddler’s personality was dramatically different after the accident. Now “three glasses of beer is no problem to her.” More details after the jump, including a video and an update on Ardi Rizal, our chain-smoking toddler in Indonesia. 


The Daily News explains that Ya Wen’s parents live in a shelter in Huizhou, China, and collect and sell garbage for cash. The newspaper also lets us know how she started smoking in the first place:


First she was busted hiding in the toilet smoking her dad’s cigarettes, then the girl turned to stealing them from a local store — before the owner let her have them on credit.

“The first time I found her smoking was in the toilet,” her mother said.

“Before that I often saw cigarette butts in the toilet but thought they were my husband’s, until I saw my daughter smoking there.”

The store owner said he assumed the child was buying the butts for dear old dad, adding that the child would take up to two packs away at a time.


Equally important is the paper’s update on Ardi Rizal, whom we offered a package of incentives to help him quit, including a covetted internship in New York City in the summer of 2026 (room/board/travel expenses not included):


Meanwhile, a chain-smoking toddler in Indonesia who threw tantrums if he did not have 40 cigarettes a day has managed to curb his addiction, by cutting down to just 15 a day.

Two-year-old Ardi Rizal took up the habit when he was 18 months old.

“He’s totally addicted,” Ardi’s 26-year-old mother, Diana, said recently.

“If he doesn’t get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick.”


Anyway, here’s a video of Rizal’s future girlfriend, Ya Wen, puffing away. Hopefully the age difference isn’t a dealbreaker.


Before this love story makes me vomit, I just want to remind Rizal there’s a pair of Liquid Flows sitting around the office for his family. All he has to do is quit.


[Pic via Daily Mail]