The University of Colorado Leaves the Big 12 For the Pac-10

by 9 years ago

USC’s two-year Bowl ban (besides your hot wife, sucks to be you, Lane Kiffin) isn’t the only college football-related headline being discussed around our office watercooler today. Earlier this afternoon the Pac-10 announced the University of Colorado at Boulder has accepted an invitation to join the Conference. The Buffalos will be leaving the Big 12 to be 11th member in the Pac 10. Does Colorado’s hasty exit spell the inevitable demise of the Big 12 as we know it?


Most likely. The University of Nebraska is expected to make an announcement about joining the Big 10 tomorrow. Both the Pac 10 and the Big 10 have expressed interest in expanding to 16 teams. If Nebraska heads to the Big 10, losing two schools is a crippling blow for Big 12. Matt Hayes is already predicting the SEC may make a pitch to bring in Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State to form the most bad-ass conference in the league. This smells like the beginning of a tetonic shift in college football, so stay tuned; there’s a plenty of details and hypothetical situations yet to unravel.