Angel Locsin, Sexy Time in Brazil, Abagail Clancey, and a Bonaroo Playlist

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  • Angel Locsin is a smokeshow from the Phillipines. [Brosome]
  • 25 Sexy Brazilian Soccer Fans. [Holy Taco]
  • 136 photos of Abagail Clancey, the world’s number one soccer WAG. [COED]
  • Jessicia Beil gets leggy on Regis. [Popholic]
  • A Tijuana Native and Sexpot Cristy Mendivil. Certainly beats the donkey show. [Uncoached]
  • “The Ultimate Guide to the Sexy Soccer Fans of the World Cup.” [Guyism]
  • DTF girl of the day. [Double Viking]
  • Sexy chicks who hang out on the Internet all day because they have nothing better to do than send blogs photos of themselves. [Linkiest]
  • The hottest girls of American soccer. [Bleacher Report]
  • Angela Simmons Gets Her Workout On. [VladTV]
  • Victoria Silvstedt goes to the beach and puts on a show. [Busted Coverage]
  • Britney spears accused of sexually harassing bodyguard. [Flisted]
  • “Vince Vaughn once told Diora Baird that “She was very well-proportioned.” [Big Smudge]
  • Hot Alanis Morissette photos. Yes, you read that correctly. It was a slow day in our neighborhood on the Internet. [DJ Mick


Obligatory BroBible PSA/Plug of the Day:

  •  Have you checked out or submitted a photo to My Dad is a Bro on Tumblr yet? Do it! Seriously, how has no one submitted a photo of their dad getting iced yet?  [MyDadIsABro]



  • A World Cup cheat-sheat. [Maxim]
  • 10 athletes who could be rockstars. [Bleacher Report]
  • Rating the jerseys of the World Cup. [Complex]
  • 6 Sports So Manly They Make Brett Favre Look Like a Little Girl. [Asylum]
  • Ah, here’s a chance to relive Zidanes headbutt from the 2006 World Cup. [TPS


Funny, Random, Etc.

  • Five Mistakes the Entourage Movie Should Avoid. [Vanity Fair]
  • The Porn Industry’s Most Infamous Murders, Suicides, And Deaths. [The Frisky]
  •   Christian-Approved Versions of Controversial Games. [College Humor]
  • How to cook, courtesy of Anthony Bourdain. [Caveman Circus]
  • A kid drops the C-Bomb on the Today Show. [Daily What?]
  • The 10 most anticipated video games of E3. [Heavy]
  • Nine fitness magazine claims we’d like to see. [egoTV]
  • Kevin Costner solves the oil spill. [Film Drunk]
  • A “Bourne 4” movie might be in the works. Matt Damon says he won’t do it unless the director does it. [Screen Junkies]
  • Five reasons to give Hele Thomas a break already. [Ranker]
  • A guide to drinking rum. [Maxim]
  • nine fitness magazine claims we’d like to actually see. [egoTV]
  • Speedo wearing idiot gets destroyed by rope swing. [Regretful Morning]
  • Can’t make it to Bonaroo this weekend? Check out this playlist of every single artist on the bill. [COED]


After the jump, the crazy-ass viral video of the day: SEVERE EARTHQUAKE WARNING IN CALIFORNIA. See how long you can hold in your laughter. [Gorilla Mask]



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