Manic Monday’ Playlist Debuts with Tracks from Cam Meekins, Brenton Duvall, and Jeff Henderson

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We are proud to feature a new weekly playlist with Good Music All Day called “Manic Mondays”. It’s a diverse collection of tracks for BroBible readers to enjoy every Monday, ranging from techno to mash-Ups to hip-hop. Check out for the best songs you probably don’t have yet, including a great combination of old unknown tracks, upcoming talent, and the newest leaks from the biggest artists. Playlist is after the jump.


Track: “Hello South Africa” (Jake Cooper Mix)

Artist: Dr. Alban vs Sash!

Description: Want a track to party to while watching the World Cup? Check this one for some high energy World Cup fun.

Download: Here


Track:Downtight” (Chambaland Mashup)

Artist:  Stevie Wonder vs. Jay Feat. Lil’ Wayne

Description: This is just a great feel good mash-up, you definitely have to listen all the way through to fully enjoy it (Lil Wayne doesn’t drop in until almost a minute left).

Download: Here


Track: “Never Givin’ In 3”

Artist:  Cam Meekins

Description: Great upcoming rapper who had the hit single Im Just Me

Download: Here


Track: “Bb”

Artist:  Jeff Henderson

Description: This isn’t Jeff’s newest track but probably his best. He is an upcoming rap making a buzz on the internet, if you want to see more of his tracks check out

Download: Here


Track: “- Go Do” (Jay-Z and Jonsi)

Artist: Brenton Duvall

Description: This guy has two of the most downloaded mash-up/remixes recently at GoodMusicAllDay between Ambien (Sleepy Trip) (Lil Wayne x Passion Pit) and That Tree (Snoop and Cudi vs The xx).

Download: Here


Track: “Beautiful Day” (2010 Virtual Groove Remix)

Artist:  U2

Description: A great remix to a classic song, yes it’s remixed a lot but this is one of the best ones. Don’t judge it unless you wait through to the drop about a minute in, it’s worth it.

Download: Here

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