Microsoft Unveils Kinect, Controller-Free Gaming Device for Xbox 360

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For roughly four years, Microsoft’s top-secret motion-controlled device for the Xbox 360 has been discretely titled “Project Natal.” Similar to the Nintendo Wii in that your physical motions control the gaming system, Microsoft went one step further and got rid of the controller all together. Late last night at the annual E3 conference, Microsoft unveiled their new Xbox 360 plug-in and gave the device a new name. Bros, meet Microsoft Kinect, the new controller-free gaming system that will definitely keep you entertained and amazed in the very near future.

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Say goodbye to buttons and joysticks and get ready to compete with your Bros with only the body that God gave you. Kinect uses three separate lenses along with voice control to identify 48 points on participating players and recognizes certain gestures applicable to the game. It also comes stocked with an internal motor so in case you leave the room or move around a bit to much, it will be able to follow you and recognize where you are, which is pretty amazing. Aside from the gaming aspect of things, Kinect will also feature a Skype-like video chat and media streaming through Xbox Live and Windows Live Messenger.

Fifteen motion-controlled titles were also introduced, including “Kinect Sports,” on which you can play soccer, bowling, and track and field games; “Joyride,” a high-speed kart racing game; “Your Shape,” a fitness game; and “Dance Central,” a dance game that doesn’t require jumping on those little pads and dancing like a robot. For now the games seem pretty basic but given time and innovation, Kinect could be one hell of a game changer for the gaming community.

A new slimmer Xbox360 was also unveiled to pair with Kinect; it features a 250GB hard drive, built-in WIFI, and a bad-ass Transformers-like casing. The official launch date for Kinect is November 4, 2010 — just in time for Black Friday — and although no price has been officially released, it’s rumored to be somewhere around the $150 mark.



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