20 Things You Should Never Google Image Search

by 8 years ago

The other day I was looking for some unsavory pictures to accompany a post when I had the misfortune of stumbling upon a group of photos that I never care to see again. Let me just be frank by saying that the pictures this search yielded were horrific and dastardly, on all accounts.


The experience got me to thinking that this hasn’t been the first time that my inquisitive ways have lead me down a path of doom while hunting for pictures on Google. I have seen my share of really sick shit over the years — some because I wanted to make sure I didn’t have a certain STD, others because I just can’t resist a good laugh at another person’s misfortune, and a few for the sake of making this list an even number of items. Below are 20 things that I have every intention to never Google Image Search again. If you haven’t seen any of these photos before, give it a shot because they are breathtaking. But, if you are at work or you have a hair-trigger gag reflex, some of these searches might not be in your best interest. By the way, if you want to know the original search that inspired this story, it’s at the #1 slot.


Warning: Practically every link below is NSFW. You have been warned.


Note: The pictures below are not what you will find upon searching these items. I assure you that it will be far more grotesque. And if you have anything to add to this list, drop it in the comments.


20. Megan Fox Thumbs

(This is the token let’s-stick-Megan-Fox-above-the-jump photo. Trust me, the items on this list get much worse.)


19. Faces of Death


18. Obese


17. Smoking lungs


16. Varicose veins


15. Goiter


14. Plastic Surgery Catwoman


13. Elephantitis


12. Clint Howard


11. Blue Waffle Disease


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10. Worlds Ugliest Dog (Chinese crested chihuahua)


9. Vomit or Projectile Vomit


8. Brown Recluse Spider Bite


7. Amy Winehouse


6. Roadkill


5. Clubbed Foot


4. Leukoplakia


3. Crabs the STD


2. Herpes


1. Abortion


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