The Next Step Realty Wants to Help You Find Your First Post-Graduation Apartment

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Whether you’re taking a new job or just moving out of your parents’ house, finding a new place to live after graduation is a major hassle for any Bro. Going through an unknown broker who cares more about his fee than finding you the right spot only makes the process worse. The Next Step Realty is a real estate network catering specifically to the “20-something” demographic and is dedicated to finding you a new pad in an unfamiliar city. Based out of Palm Beach, Florida, and co-founded by fellow Bros Blair Brandt and Belton Baker, The Next Step connects you with a young and like-minded broker who will take care of all the details for you, usually with minimal broker’s fees if any at all. The Next Step Realty currently boasts a staff of 46 brokers, in 28 major cities: Manhattan, Washington D.C., Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Richmond, Chicago, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Hamptons, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Miami. You can find Next Step Realty at or on Facebook

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