Game 6 of the NBA Finals and President Obama Addresses the Nation

by 8 years ago

Here’s what’s worth watching tonight:
8 p.m.: Presidential Address to the Nation about the Oil Spill (CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS); “Jimmy Kimmel Game Night”: David Arquette, Carmelo Anthony (ABC)

8:15 pm: Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)

9 pm: NBA Finals: Celtics at Lakers Game 6 (ABC)

Tonight’s Late Night lineup is after the jump

The Daily Show: James Tabor
Colbert Report: Carl Safina
Letterman: Katie Couric, Devo
Leno: Robert Pattinson, Emma Roberts
Ferguson: Virginia Madsen, Chris Hardwick, Justin Currie
Fallon: Cedric the Entertainer, Fred Willard
Carson: Olivia Munn, La Roux


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