Should a Bro Keep Several Women in His Stable at Once?

by 9 years ago

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Hey Waffles,

So I’m currently in a friends-with-benefits scenario with this girl that I used to date. This girl has always been more into me than I to her and although we agreed that this would not be a relationship but just fun for the Summer, I’m not sure she feels the same way. Now, there’s this other girl that I’m interested in who has given some subtle and not-so-subtle hints that she wants to have fun with me this Summer as well, in the aforementioned sense. Should I tell my current girl about this new one (as in should I confirm that things aren’t exclusive) or should I just keep referring to her vaguely as a friend that I hang out with sometimes and leave things at that?

The Mad Fratter

Yo Bro,

It seems to me, that you are in the initial phases of putting together a nice stable of chicks to bang without fully committing to any of them. Having 3 to 4 “go-to” chicks is the ideal scenario for any Bro who is looking to keep his dick wet even when he swings and misses on that random Betty he is trying to take down at the bar. When the night is winding down and you sense a strikeout is in your future, one generic, “What are you doing? Let’s get together” text to all of them is bound to yield results and I cannot see why you would want to risk that p*ssy cushion by losing one of them.

If this girl that you used to date has agreed to a friends-with-benefits situation, that does not, in any way, make you contractually obligated to take her blinders off to let her see the other horses in your stable. The only thing that will come from telling her about your other broads is complication and the loss of her vag*na on speed dial. As long as you are being careful and not spreading diseases, then you should leave well-enough alone. Learn to juggle multiple broads, because the only thing better than one vag*na is two (and so on). Unless, this girl’s vag*na is already played out in your dick’s mind, don’t tell her about any other chicks. Ever.

To answer your final question, keep referring to her as a friend, and do so until anything is ever defined with her or any other broad. As a matter of fact, when in the company of other chicks, keep referring to all chicks you bang as just platonic friends. When you are with your boys, however, you can refer to them in whatever degrading and creative manner you want.

A real son of a b*tch,

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