Nintendo Announces 3DS, a New 3D Hand-Held Video Game Console

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Yet another futuristic gaming device has been revealed at the annual E3 Conference this week. Nintendo has finally stepped up to the plate, unveiling the first-ever mobile 3D console: the “Nintendo 3DS.” The design is similar to the popular Nintendo DSI handheld, still boasting the dual screens, but it packs in a ton of new features.

A small analog stick has been introduced on the left side as well as a motion sensor and three video cameras (one in front, two in back) so you can take 3D photographs. The most fascinating aspect of the 3DS is that those tacky Steve Urkel glasses you have to wear when viewing 3D movies or TV shows are not required. By simply staring straight into the main 3.5-inch screen, images, videos and games will appear three dimensionally. You also have the option of turning the 3D off and playing games in their regular format, which actually brightens the screen and increases resolution.

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Third-party game developers have already signed off on the 3DS and plenty of Nintendo favorites will be released alongside the device. Keep a look out for “Metal Gear Solid,” “Resident Evil,” “Starfox,” and even classics such as “Super Mario Bros.” — all of which will be available in 3D.

On more of an awkward note, rumors have circulated that the new 3DS will seek out WiFi hotspots and other 3DS users that are close by without your permission. We still can’t figure out if that’s shady business or a blessing in disguise, but it’s definitely interesting. No price or release date has been officially announced, but the console will come in three colors: black, red, or blue.


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[thanks to Engadget for a couple of the pics and video]

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