The Top 10 Highlights (and Lowlights) of John Daly’s Career

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Back when current tour bombers like Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, and J.B. Holmes were still slurping down their mother’s n*pple nectar, John Daly was busy being professional golf’s lone long-driving freakshow. In the early ’90s, no one could rival the length of Long John — which, along with Wild Thing and The Lion, is one of the nicknames Daly earned for his moonshot drives, erratic behavior, and, by the sound of it, endowment. Young John hit the scene in 1991 and established dominance almost immediately by winning the PGA Championship. After a successful rookie season with a major victory, the twenty-something looked poised to join Nicklaus, Palmer, and Watson as the PGA’s next big star — superior length off the tee with unlikely touch around the greens. Only a serious addiction and self-destructing behavior could f*ck up that sweet combo…

I suppose all greats have their diabolical vices — Tiger and his white women, Jordan and his gambling — but after a while, John’s caught up with him and ripped him off his horse. ‪For almost a decade Daly failed to win a PGA tournament or any game of chance in a casino (he lost millions in Vegas), as his‬ ‪life in general became a never-ending circus.‬ The former two-time major champion has only himself and his addiction to blame, but through it all, his endearing personality has kept him as one of golf’s most beloved figures. And that admiration for John Daly, the man, is what has probably kept him alive, gotten him a number of sponsor exemptions, and helped him avoid a life of bankruptcy.

Today, with Bobo the Clown as his stylist, Daly seems to be back on his feet and ready for, what we hope is his last, comeback. In 11 events this season John has made 8 cuts and has also managed to keep himself out of the clink and Betty Ford. Sadly, however, he failed to qualify for our country’s tournament, but since we love JD, and because it is Golf Week, we gathered our list of career high and lowlights to honor the man who knows a few things about golf ball, and substance, abuse.


10. Just look at that power mullet flow!


9. He released an autobiographical album entitled, “My Life,” which included vocals from Willie Nelson.

8. In October 2005, Daly is said to have lost $1.5 million playing high-stakes slots. That is just a fraction of the $60 million he claims to have lost since 1991.

7. In the 14-year-span from 1987 to 2001 he married four different women. Since he is not a polygamist, he divorced three of them.

6. From 1996 to 2004 Daly didn’t win a single event on the PGA tour. These were the years when the booze was winning. Overall, Daly won eight tournaments, including three overseas.

5. He claims that for an entire year he drank a fifth of Jack Daniels every day. Although he was 23 at the time, that is still rather impressive. Who wants to take the John Daly Challenge?

4. Formerly known as the Dirty Arnold Palmer, the concoction of Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade is now more fittingly known as the John Daly.



3. He hoisted the Claret Jug after he took down Constantino Rocca (who I’m told is a communist) to win the 1995 British Open Championship.


2. On Oct. 26, 2008, John was arrested by Winston-Salem police after being found drunk outside of a Hooters.


1. He won the 1991 PGA Championship in his rookie season, was named the PGA Rookie of the Year, and became a national icon.

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