Gets Sold, Shuts Down (Momentarily)

by 9 years ago

As some of you may have noticed today, is currently “down,” displaying the simple message, “We had a good run Bros…” So what happened? Did their traffic melt their servers? Did the Smirnoff legal team finally shut them down? Did they just get sick and tired of getting Iced? Nope, they were bought — sometime in the last 24 hours in fact. 


The BrosIcingBros guys approached us a couple days ago, inquiring if we were interested in purchasing their site. The attempt to cash in made sense for them — they were getting a ton of traffic and media attention over the past couple weeks, and they sported 20,000 Facebook fans. Their asking price, however, didn’t make any sense. They wanted a minimum of five figures (five figures!), and gave us and other likeminded sites until “Friday” to make our best bid. Considering we were thinking of offering about five cases of grape, pineapple, and passion fruit Ices for the site (or maybe a nice lunch at Lure, Curbed-/Gawker-style), we weren’t too chagrined to see that someone snatched it up with an offer they apparently couldn’t refuse. We’re guessing the site will relaunch or redirect within the next day or two, and there will be plenty of more Icing photos to post (they get about 100 submissions a day and only post five or six).


But, needless to say, the sale has sent a shiver through the Icing community and we still can’t believe that someone actually paid that much for a site that will be collecting cobwebs by the end of the summer. Alas, hopefully the former Bros Icing Bros are out celebrating with a few non-malt beverages right now. They deserve it.


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