10 Great Spoofs of the ‘Psycho’ Shower Scene, 50 Years After Mother’s First Stab

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Alfred Hitchcock’s cinematic masterpiece “Psycho” celebrates its 50th anniversary this week (the film premiered in New York City on June 16, 1960), so we thought we’d pay tribute to the movie that for five decades has caused million of movie fans to think twice about taking a shower in a strange motel.


That shower scene, in which Janet Leigh gets hacked to pieces by “Mother” in the Bates Hotel, is one of the most famous moments in movie history. Since “Psycho”’s release, hundreds of movies and television series — from “The Simpsons” to “Pee Wee Herman” to “That ’70s Show” — have riffed on the techniques used by Hitchcock in the shower scene. The quick, abstract cuts (you never actually see the knife piercing Leigh’s body); the stabbing violin pangs; the lone, falling hand against the bathroom tile; the sight of blood swirling into the drain: These are all part of today’s Hollywood lexicon.


After the jump, check out 10 great “Psycho” spoofs, parodies, imitations, and homages. 


First, if you’ve never seen “Psycho,” here’s the trailer:


1. “The Simpsons” uses those famous violins:


2. A commercial parody:


3. Parody from a British comedy show:


4. In my opinion, this guy deserved it:


5. “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure,” more violins:



6. This entire episode of “That 70’s Show” is an homage to Hitchock (particularly “Rear Window”), but the “Psycho” shower scene reference comes at around the 6 minute mark:


7. Prime example of the music being used, from “Family Guy”:


8. To draw attention to the plight of dirty water killing children in third-world countries, Good Magazine made this parody:


9. Crazy Japanese animation:


10. The Tiger Woods Nike commercial featuring Earl Woods’ voiceover has been re-dubbed with Norman’s Mother’s voice:


Bonus Clips:


At the 20 second mark of this clip from “Pulp Fiction,” you’ll see Marcellus Wallace do a stop and stare just like in the beginning of “Psycho” (you may have caught it in the trailer).


Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the original movie and the 1998 remake:


One of Hitchcock’s trademarks was that he always made a cameo in his movies. Check out this compilation:

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