HardKnight and HotShotz Look to Dominate Male Enhancement

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Once upon a time, in a far away land, the use of male enhancement products was something to be ashamed of. Men who used these products generally did so out of necessity. Today, however, boys and girls of all ages (or maybe just boys) are popping pills and applying magical creams in an effort to make their pen*s grow longer and perform better. Even if there is nothing biologically wrong with it in the first place. These pills and creams, those that work anyway, are usually only attainable if you have a prescription or you steal them from Granddad. Until now.


Developed by a team of medical doctors in partnership with fitness professionals, HardKnight and HotShotz are two relatively new male enhancement products that pack a prescription punch without all the red tape of going to your doctor. If you are looking for an in-the-moment boost or just the assurance that your member is on the same page as you, HardKnight and HotShotz have you covered.


This week we are giving away two 30-count packs of HardKnight, and we are also rolling them and HotShotz out in our online store. Click here to enter the contest for your chance to win or head over to our online store to stock up on HardKnight and HotShoz. After the jump we have a video spots featuring HardKnight and HotShotz as well a short Q&A with their spokesperson and personal training guru, Christian Boeving.

BroBible: Do you use HardKnight daily or only when you’re looking to romance a vag*na?


Boeving: Like any supplement routine it is something that you need to take daily. If it is on-the-spot results you want then you need to take HotShotz.


How quickly does HardKnight kick in?


You take Hard Knight in the morning and it improves blood flow and circulation overall throughout the day. It is not like a Viagra where you take it and 20 minutes later, BAM, erection. But if you take it everyday, it is going to improve your sex life.


Can it overpower the almighty whiskey dick?


Haha, whiskey dick. I´ve never heard that term before, but I like it. HotShotz is what you would take to overcome whiskey dick, not HardKnight. You take it, and 20 minutes later you’re hard.

What have been some experiences you have had with the product?


Well, after my pen*s reduction there were many speed bumps, you could say. But seriously, the only kind of mishap that could happen is you could have a hard on when you don´t want one. It’s like being in high school all over again. Everyone has that unwanted-erection story. The one where my math teacher asked me if I wanted to do the math problem on the board and her voice turned me on so I said, “No, I would not like to do that problem on the board,” and she replied, “Get up and do the problem on the board.”


As a renowned personal trainer, do you think that working out can improve your sex life?


When you´re a teenager you honestly don´t really need to take anything because your sex drive is obviously out of control. When you’re in your mid-20s that is when your testosterone levels begin to drop, and that is when this product begins to come in handy because it is going to improve in the things you are beginning to lack in. We have a three-prong program, Hard Knight and HotShotz obviously and we have a testosterone-boosting cream. Together those are going to make you feel younger.

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