Russian Draw Bridge Transforms to Giant Pen*s for the Night

by 9 years ago


Ah, the game “pen*s.” You know, the one you probably played with your lunch buddies in the middle school cafeteria, where you tried to yell “pen*s” as loud as possible without getting detention from a Bro-hating cafeteria aide. Well, a graffiti street art group in Russia known as “Voina” recently pulled off the ultimate “pen*s” prank. According to Animal New York, the group managed to paint a 213-feet-tall, 89-feet-wide cock on a drawbridge, dubbing it “Giant Galactic Space Dick.” Interestingly enough, the prank was a gigantic “F-You” to the headquarters of Russia’s Federal Security Service, the notorious, post-Soviet espionage agency known as the KGB. 10 more photos of the stunt after the jump. 












All pics via Voina

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