Courtside Cuties, Cali Hotties, Marisa Miller, Brazil is Booty-Ful, and Hip Hop Fails

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  • The 11 sexiest courtside hotties. [Maxim]
  • 10 “Hometown Hotties” from cali to gawk at. [maxim]
  • Marisa Miller photos never get old, and why would they when she’s lookin like this. [holy taco]
  • The only thing wrong with Emmanuelle Chriqui is her name is too long. Theres literally nothing else. [popoholic]
  • NSFW: Naked piano is good for the soul. [playboy]
  • Jessica Jane Clement will have my children, I hope. [guyism]
  • More hotties in the wild added. Thank God. [double viking]
  • 168 of the most beautiful reasons to root for Brazil. Trust me. [COED]
  • Hot girls rockin burkas. [gunaxin]
  • Bikini pics of Brazilian TV actress Deborah Secco. [Linkiest]
  • Sophie Reade. Bikini. ’nuff said [Don Chavez]
  • Heather Morris is hot, and on Glee? how does that work. [Moondogsports]
  • Imogen Thomas looks good in black. Looks better in nothing. [gorillamask]
  • Katy Perry bringing her b**bs along to the world cup. [OQB]
  • Bavarian girls do rule. Even if they’re Dutch [via Take A Report]
  • Lindsey Lohans hot twitpics. She can still bring it. [complex]
  • Katy Perry upsk*rt pic. Its blurred out but its another reason to look at her in that sexy ass dress. [egotastic]
  • Bavarian girls do rule. Even if they’re Dutch [via Take A Report]


Last Call

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  • 5 things the Lakers must do to beat Boston in game 7. [bleacher report]
  • Perfectly timed sports pictures. [linkiest]
  • The Vuvuzela song. Clever.  [DJ Mick]
  • Holly Weber is a brunette bombshell. [goholly]
  • No more vuvuzelas[TMZ Sports]
  • 5 reasons the Lakers have to win tonight. [ranker]
  • The Kendra & Khloe E! TV sports curse. [bleacher report]
  • Utah Jazz release new logo, worse than before. [slanchreport


Funny, Random, Etc…
  • 5 absurd movie sex scenes. [buzzfeed]
  • The 50 worst hip hop fails. [Complex]
  • A stoners reviews of the Summer 2010 movies. [college humor]
  • This baby Brazilian bro has some serious flow in his dance game. [guyism]
  • If you have ever farted out your pee-hole and got worried, read this article. [holy taco]
  • Another ESPN se scandal. Unless it involves EA again then I’m not interested. [busted coverage]
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  • 15 things you should know about breasts. [thechive]
  • In case you needed it, 50 healthy reasons to have more sex. [EKG classes]
  • A $33K bed? Get me on that shit for a test drive. [EgoTV
  • X-Ray adult entertainment is surprisingly hot. [asylum]
  • Collection of trailers for upcoming movies. [filmdrunk]
  • I am without a doubt getting myself one of these VW slides. [F-listed]
  • I’ve never wanted something more than I want Jedi bear. [manofest]
  • Dont flick this dog off. Seriously. [TDW]
  • The best “Oh Shit!” moments caught on camera. [heavy]
  • BlobFish on the verge of extinction. Typical. [barstool]
  • Clever iceing. [dealbreaker]
  • What would Vader wear. WWVW. [mademen]
  • 5 people you will meet at the beach this summer. [regretfulmorning]
  • New trailer for the movie “Conviction” looks pretty sick. [screen junkies]
  • A real life Nancy Botwin. Sweet. [manolith]
  • Do work, Dad [Bachelor Guy]