The Guys Behind TGCHU Want You to Dance and the Beat to Drop… Hard

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One of our favorite up-and-coming rap/electronica artists these days is The Girls Can Hear Us, a Canadian duo from London, Ontario. In the words of one music blog, producer Edmond Huzsar and lyricist Will Steep “want you to dance, party, make out, fall down, get up, and go home with someone.” That sounds about right to us. BroBible caught up with TGCHU recently to discuss the inspiration for their remixes, the tracks they wish they had come up with, and whether or not they’re truly a more talented LMFAO.

BroBible: First of all, have either of you been Iced yet?

Edmond: No, but we do know a guy who drove across San Francisco to ice a friend… unsuccessfully. His name is Kyle Kirchhoff; just so everyone knows.

What role in your musical duo does each of you have?

Will: Ed makes the beats and I do the vocals. We both take part in each other’s process but that’s basically how it goes.

What was the first moment when you felt like this could be more than just a hobby?

Edmond: I think it was more a gradual realization than a moment. We first started making tracks, and I think by the fourth or fifth they were just pouring out of us, and everyone around was feeling it. Once we put together a MySpace page and uploaded our tracks, it really began to spread.

Will: March 8th, 2009, around noon.


What inspires you to create a new remix? Do you hear a song and just say to yourselves, “We are going to remix the hell out of this song?”

Edmond: Yes we do. Personally, my whole life I would hear songs that build up to a climax and just disappoint when that bass is supposed to drop. Will and I would just discover songs we really liked, thought had potential, but lacked that club bangerness. Will then sprinkles in some lyrical magic and we make the beat drop hard — how it should. Nowadays we are getting asked to do remixes a lot, so there’s a lot less room in our schedules for those bootlegs.

Do you like creating original songs better than remixes?

Edmond: The thing is, with a remix you already have a foundation, and when we do a remix, it’s because that foundation inspires us. The mix of that foundation with inspiration makes it easier for me to produce remixes. Also, people tend to appreciate our remixes more because there is something to compare with, they notice the huge difference. But it’s a better feeling to create something totally your own, so there’s a balance.

Will: Originals.


Edmond, what is your favorite party song of all time?

Holy shit, what a question! Of all time! Hahah, hmmm, I have to check my iTunes play counts for this one, but I’d say “Voyager” by Daft Punk. It’s not the most hype song, but if everyone was jamming and having an awesome time to that track, it would be the best party (because it would be full of awesome people with great taste in music).

You guys are entering a new genre of music that is expanding every day. How would you define your sound? Many have said you are a more talented LMFAO. Thoughts?

Edmond: It’s hard to define our sound: It’s an organic thing that can change from song to song. What is consistent is the people who enjoy it, who are much easier to describe. The people that listen to our music are fun, party hard, enjoy their life, like to blast music in their cars, appreciate technical skill, like to dance, enjoy vocals with layers of meaning, love it when that kick drops. I also want to comment on that statement about LMFAO: I think LMFAO are extremely talented, great musicians, and are very business savvy. Their remixes of Paranoid, Love Lockdown and Hot ‘N Cold are some of my favorites. The music on their album I can barely stand, but if you want to be successful in the mainstream industry good music doesn’t sell — music that makes you think of a song every time you go drinking with your friends sells.

Will, what does an average weekend night look like in your world?

Will: I don’t remember, I’ll try to take pictures next time.

Who were some of your favorite artists growing up? How have they influenced your music?

Edmond: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, that whole Seattle grunge scene when I was a kid. Then Wu-tang’s “36 Chambers” made me like rap. I listened to a lot of Modest Mouse back five albums before “Float On” dropped. I like their new stuff too, I think Isaac Brock has some great lyrics.

Each of you name 5 songs you wished you had come up with.

1. Daft Punk — “Digital Love.” Pure amazing.
2. Dj Dean — “It’s A Dream.” I wish I could make people as happy as this song makes me.
3. The Strokes — “Ize of the World.” The Strokes are one of my favorite non-electronic bands of all time
4. Eddie Thoneick & Kurd Maverik — “Love Sensation.” This is second place for my top party track, I wish every song I made was this epic.
5. ZZZ – “Lion (The Bag Raiders Remix).” The Bag Raiders opened my world to a whole new sound.

1. The Beatles — “Yesterday.”
2. Schubert — “Ave Maria.”
3. Beastie Boys — “Sure Shot.” Love the loop in that track.
4. Outkast — “Chonkyfire.” Kind of wish I came up with any or all of the “Aquemini” album.
5. Ghostface Killah — “Buck 50.” “Supreme Clientele” is my favorite Wu-related album other than “36 Chambers.”

Who are some of your favorite artists throwing down the beats today?

Edmond: The Bag Raiders, Treasure Fingers, Kolt13, Redial, Uffie, Ratatat, Midnight Juggernauts, Chromeo, Steve Angello, Boys Noize, Mille, Wolfgang Gartner, The Lonely Island, Hot Chip, Muse

Will: The Twelves, Alphabeat, I heard a live dubstep set from a DJ named “Excision” recently that was unreal. Royce Da 5’9″ and Andre 3000 are my favorite rappers.

Will, do you have any pre-performance rituals?

Will: I tend to go off on my own and run
through the tracks to myself over a beer or five.

Edmond, who is your dream babe?

Edmond: My dream babe is the most talented and underrated female musician out there. Her name is Victoria Sheahan, and her music deserves way more attention than it gets. If anyone deserves a plug it’s her.

What are the future plans for The Girls Can Hear Us?

Edmond: We have a lot of shows coming up now, and are looking at putting a U.S. campus tour together in the fall. Lots of new tracks on the way, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.


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