ISNER WINS the Longest Match in Tennis History, 70-68 in the Fifth Set

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6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7), 7-6 (3), 70-68


10:42 a.m. ET: John Isner and Nicolas Mahut are back on Court 18 for the third day in a row, trying to complete the longest match in the history of tennis. On Tuesday, the players split the first four sets 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7), 7-6 (3); the match was suspended for darkness. Wednesday, they picked things up again to complete the fifth set, and although there were a few scattered match points and a rare break point, the duo played for more than six hours and 118 games. Play was suspended again last night with the fifth set tied at 59-59. Now they’re back out. Hopefully this thing ends sometime soon. We’ll be live-blogging all the action right here so stay tuned…


10:43: The match is on ESPN-U for those of you able to be in front of a TV, and also streaming on Here we go…


10:47: Isner double faults on his first serve, but later in the game hits his 100th ace, and holds on to win the game, 60-59. The guys look pretty fresh, as fresh as you could be after 10 hours. Here are the stats ESPN just presented about the records broken, as of 60-59:

  • Most games: 165
  • Longest match: 10 hours, 5 minutes
  • Most aces by a player: 100
  • Most combined aces: 195
  • Most games in a set: 119
  • Longest set: 7 hours, 11 minutes. This set alone is longer than the longest match ever played.


10:51: Mahut wins his game with his 96th ace. Tied at 60-60.


10:53: 61-60.


11:00: 62-61. Who will get a break point first? Mahut to serve…


11:05: 63-62. With new balls, it looks like these guys are going to be holding serve for a while. Meanwhile Dolgopolov and Tsonga are at 8-9 in their fifth set…


11:09: Pam Shriver, still conducting courtside interviews during points…


11:15: On what ESPN channel is SportsCenter airing right now? And why do they keep leaving this match? Tied at 64-64.


11:20: I can’t believe the Queen didn’t stay for this match!


11:21: 65-65. The most amazing thing is how few unforced errors these guys are having. Really remarkable playing. So few double faults, too.


11:33: 67-66. Really wishing we had the BBC broadcast here…


11:44: 69-68. Come on Isner, let’s go for the win here. Break this guy and get this over with. We’re at 11 hours now…


11:48: Tied 30-30 with Mahut serving…



11:50: Incredible shot for Isner down the line for the victory!!


11:52: Mahut can’t believe it. He’s shell shocked. Isner was giving him a standing ovation.


11:53: Special awards for the players and chair umpire.


11:54: The chair umpire really deserved it. He was great this entire match, especially without the help of the special cameras/reviewing technology. 11 hours, 5 minutes — total playing time.


11:57: Mahut had to serve to stay in the match 65 times. Incredible.


11:58: We’ll never see anything like this ever again.

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