What’s the Most ‘Bro’ TV Show?

by 8 years ago

Editor’s Note: Brian Scalabrone’s inquiry about the most Bro TV show is getting lots of reaction in the comments, so we decided to move it move it to Buzz so more people can weigh in. Sound off on your Top 10 shows in the comments.


Seeing what you guys think is the most Bro show out there. Here’s what my list is in order:


1. Sportscenter

2. Entourage

3. Family Guy

4. Burn Notice

5. It’s Always Sunny

6. Lost

7. The Simpsons

8. The Wire

9. Nip/Tuck (even though its not on anymore)

10. South Park


Let me know what you guys think. As always i’m open for criticizm

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