2010 NBA Mock Draft: Wall Then Turner, But Who Goes Next?

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While this might not be the most top-heavy NBA draft in recent years, draft night is always a good time. The best part has to be the wardrobe choices of the players, since you never really know how flamboyant these kids will get with their suit choices. For some reason my money is on Al-Farouq Aminu for the most obnoxious suit in this year’s draft, but as for where he gets selected…
1. Wizards — John Wall (PG, Kentucky)
Everyone knows the Wizards have been taking Wall since they won the Lottery. He can’t shoot that well, but he gets end to end faster than 99% of those already playing in the NBA.

2. 76ers — Evan Turner (SG, Ohio State)
Evan Turner shouldn’t be the pick here, but he will be. Unfortunately, the final possession from OSU’s loss leaves a sour taste in my mouth about Turner’s future. The Sixers will have to find out what to do with Iguadola because chances are the two can’t play together.

3. Nets — Derrick Favors (PF, Georgia Tech)
The pick can’t be Demarcus Cousins because you can’t pair him with Brook Lopez and have two un-athletic, rather immobile front-court players. Favors provides a nice compliment to Lopez and has the highest ceiling of any big man.

4. Timberwolves — Wesley Johnson (SF, Syracuse)
While the T-Wolves could draft Cousins for a third big man who can’t jump, I see them going with Johnson. Sure they drafted Corey Brewer a couple years ago, but his inability to stay healthy means they can look to another SF and move Brewer over to the two guard if he’s healthy.

5. Kings — Demarcus Cousins (C, Kentucky)
They just traded for Samuel Dalembert. It’s pretty obvious they’re preparing to protect Cousins’ defensive inabilities.

6. Warriors — Greg Monroe (PF, Georgetown)
Don Nelson likes big players with passing ability and Monroe has that. The Warriors could use some toughness, but that doesn’t mean they’ll draft it.

7. Pistons — Ed Davis (PF, North Carolina)
There are no clear picks for Detroit at this point, but at least they can end up with a guy who rebounds, plays defense, and can jump out of the gym.

8. Clippers — Al-Faouq Aminu (SF, Wake Forest)
The Paper Clips have their bigs and they like their backcourt of Baron and Gordon. They’d probably be better off with a SF who could shoot better from the outside, but I can’t see them drafting another white SF after the Korolev debacle. Besides Dunleavy isn’t there to draft someone (Gordon Hayward) he thinks plays like his son.

9. Jazz — Luke Babbitt (PF, Nevada)
The Jazz are losing Carlos Boozer so they’ll need to replace his muscle.

10. Pacers — Gordon Hayward (SF, Butler)
The hometown hero stays in the state of Indiana. Eventually the Pacers will have trouble selling tickets if they continue to suck, so this should at least help a little.

11. Hornets — Ekpe Udoh (PF, Baylor)
The Hornets have failed many times previously by drafting bigs (including selecting both Hilton Armstrong and Cedric Simmons in the first round of the 2006 draft), so why not take another stab at it? Udoh seems at worst like a really good glue guy for a strong front court, but more power to him.

12. Grizzlies — Paul George (SF, Fresno State)
Rudy Gay is out the door so the Griz need to replace him with some athleticism. George didn’t garner that much attention during the college season, but he’s slowly moved up draft boards as his workouts show off his athleticism.

13. Raptors — Cole Aldrich (C, Kansas)
With Bosh on his way out the Raptors will have to replace his interior scoring and shot blocking with something. Aldrich is something, just not max-player type of something.

14. Rockets — Patrick Patterson (PF, Kentucky)
The Rockets organization has done a good job recently at finding diamonds in the rough for their rotation and Patterson fits that bill. He’s not flashy, but he works hard and gives you a little of everything on the inside.

15. Bucks — Xavier Henry (SG, Kansas)
Michael Redd’s health has been a major concern in recent years, so it’s time for the Bucks to start looking for his replacement. It’s rather amazing how Henry went from a top-3 recruit to the 15th pick overall, but that’s what happens when you go to a Kansas team that doesn’t need everything you’ve got.

16. Timberwolves — Hassan Whiteside (C, Marshall)
As mentioned before, Minnesota has plenty of guys who can’t get off the floor. Whiteside has a high ceiling, but his athleticism will provide cover for Love and Jefferson defensively as he matures.

17. Bulls — James Anderson (SG, Oklahoma State)
It would be in the Bulls’ best interest to get as many guys as possible who could help LeBron score (once he ends up there) and Anderson fits that mold to a T.

18. Thunder — Craig Brackins (PF, Iowa State)
People talk very highly about Brackins’ ability to score in a myriad of ways and the Thunder lack a low-post scoring option. Now they have one.

19. Celtics — Avery Bradley (SG, Texas)
Ray Allen should be on his way out and Bradley would provide a SG of the future. He’s another guy who didn’t live up to his college recruitment hype.

20. Spurs — Eric Bledsoe (PG, Kentucky)
It looks like Tony Parker’s days in San Antonio are numbered, so why not draft his heir apparent? Maybe he can find a wife half as hot as Eva…

21. Thunder — Solomon Alabi (C, Florida State)
Oklahoma State continue to add size with a shot-blocking option, something they don’t currently have.

22. Trailblazers — Daniel Orton (C, Kentucky)
The time to start preparing for life without Greg Oden begins now.

23. Timberwolves — Jordan Crawford (SG, Xavier)
After filling some needs, Minnesota goes with the best scorer available. Crawford could be the next Ben Gordon.

24. Hawks — Terrico White (SG, Mississippi)
Atlanta never seems to be afraid of guys with character problems, so why not take a chance with White? His worth ethic has been criticized, but they’ll need someone to fill the scoring shoes of Joe Johnson.

25. Grizzlies — Kevin Seraphin (PF, France)
France plays some damn good basketball in the NCAA Tournament, right? O.K., he’s from the country of France and you have no idea who he is, but people think he could be better than Darko…

26. Thunder — Quincy Pondexter (SF, Washington)
Pondexter knows life as a glue guy from his early days as a Husky, but he also took on a larger role later in his college career. That’s a nice asset for a winning NBA team to have.

27. Nets — Dominique Jones (SG, South Florida)
The Nets aren’t exactly settled at SG, but Jones could turn out to be a rather effective sixth man because he has the ability to score in bunches.

28. Grizzlies — Keith Gallon (PF, Oklahoma)
We’re due for a surprise, so why not go with Gallon, a guy who’s shown the work ethic to lose some weight as he prepared for his team workouts.

29. Magic — Armon Johnson (PG, Nevada)
The Magic are in major need of finding a backup PG and Johnson has been getting a lot of buzz in the last week as a possible high-upside pick.
30. Wizards — Larry Sanders (PF, VCU)
The Wiz definitely need some presence in the 4 and 5 spots, so how about Sanders, who has always had Seth Da
vis as one of his biggest fans.

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