15 Essential, Bro-Worthy Apps for Your New iPhone 4

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The new iPhone 4 was released today, with lines stretching around Apple stores for blocks and early complaints of users losing “bars” in their AT&T service whenever they held the outer edges of their devices. Yes, that’s right, actually holding the new iPhone 4 on the metal edges that double as the device’s antenna will cause it to lose service. You can’t make this stuff up. Any Bro who is lucky enough to already have an iPhone (and who’s patient enough to endure the shoddy AT&T service) knows how addicting the little rectangle is. The App store has over 100,000 applications, with prices that vary from free to over a thousand bucks, and apps that range from checking the weather to finding some tail for a one-nighter. If you took the plunge today and bought your first iPhone, here is a list of 15 essential iPhone apps to get your collection started. We’ll add more to our list each week, and include Apps for the BlackBerry and Android systems as well. Add your own suggestions in the Comments.


1. Trapster (Free)


When my buddy told me about this it blew my mind. Trapster finds your location via the GPS in the phone, displays a Google-esque map, and shows you the shady places local police hang out. The only downfall is that its not an actual live feed to where cops actually are, but Trapster points out the most likely locations for speed traps, DWI checks, road hazards, and a variety of other services. Currently Trapster boasts over 6 million users and allows anyone to point out a spot where they recently saw a police trap. This is a great app for any road trip or night out on the town. Best part — it’s free. [Editor’s Note: This is still no excuse for drunk driving. Don’t drink and drive.]



2. Picture Safe ($1.99)


Admit it, you definitely have nekked pictures of your girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend, and maybe even yourself on your phone right now. Picture Safe creates a folder where you can store pictures and other information behind a password-protected vault. It’s really basic, easy to use, and, to be honest, has saved my ass more then a few times.



3. PMS Buddy ($0.99)


Have a girlfriend or significant other who gets EXTRA moody around the same time every month? PMS Buddy displays a meter of how close the old ball and chain is to that dreadful week that every Bro fears. Whether you want to get all sappy and be extra nice to her, or avoid her at all costs and hang with the Bros, PMS Buddy has your back.



4. Men’s Health Workouts ($1.99)


This App is for all your Brolic meatheads and little pups who need to get their weight up. Stack this app with some N.O. Explode and whey protein, then go get your flex on at the beach this summer. The app itself has tons of different workouts and a training log to monitor track times, reps, and actual progress. Upgrades and expansions are also available for an extra price.



5. The Scoop NYC (Free)


Whether you need a good place to take a broad out for a date or you’re just in town visiting some fellow Bros, The Scoop will make sure your experience in NYC is complete. A new offering by the New York Times, The Scoop uses resources from the newspaper to display their critics’ favorite restaurants, bars, and events in New York City. It’s updated regularly by the NYT staff and also allows you to mark down the places you’ve been and your personal review so you can share with friends.




6. SI Swimsuit 2010 (Free)


It’s classy enough that you can look th
h pictures in public, but hot enough to get you through the day. The infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has officially gone mobile and now you have the ability to scroll through pictures and watch videos of some of the most beautiful women on the planet, instantly. New updates to the app allow you to save high-res pictures directly to your photo bin, save your favorite videos for offline viewing, and now use the “pinch and zoom” function to zoom in on some of your favorite shots. Paid upgrades are also available for extra content.




7. DatPiff Mobile (Free)


DatPiff.com is an online archive of Hip Hop mix tapes, where you can download or stream music right to your computer and now to your iPhone. Get the hottest tapes from Don Cannon, DJ Ill Will, Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes, and DJ WhiteOwl, as well as sponsored tapes from any of your favorite hip-hop musicians. Save your favorites and listen to the newest hip hop before it hits the shelves. Great app for any Hip Hop enthusiast.



8. Pizza Hut (Free)


Too high to get off the couch? This app is for all you stoner Bros out there who consider pizza a daily food group. The Pizza Hut App allows you to custom make your own pizza and side dishes then order the pizza to your pad without calling or anything. You also get some pretty sweet discounts and coupons from the “virtual fridge” and the app itself is free, too. Strangely, neither Domino’s nor Papa John’s have similar apps.



9. iKamasutram ($1.99)


If things are getting lame in the sack with your current squeeze or you’re just looking to break out a few new techniques to impress the ladies, iKamasutram can show you a move or two. As a mobile version of the infamous Kama Sutra, the app displays over 100 sex positions with clear and precise illustrations. No internet connection is needed and there are no mobile advertisements. Now go get some.




10. Beer Button (Free)


This is a great application for any bro in need of some booze. Beer Button uses the built-in GPS to find your location, then lists the closest liquor stores to you. It’s really easy to use and comes in extra handy when your in a new city.



The Gold Standards


1. Google (Free)


I guess it’s only a matter of time before google completely takes over the world, so if you can’t beat em’, join em. The Google application is really simple, which is why it’s such a great tool. After you type in a search you can tap any link with your fingertip and view the result while still staying in the google application (instead of having to close out of the app and re-open the link in Safari). Voice search is what really makes this app the bee’s knee’s — it’s shockingly accurate (if you’re not in too loud of a spot) and perfect if your hands are tied up.



2. ESPN Score Center (Free)


A must-have app on which you can follow your favorite teams, check scores and game times, and even receive push notifications for instant updates. It’s one of the most useful applications in the store and a must download for any sports enthusiast.



3. Pandora Radio (Free)


Just type in a musician or genre of music that you e

njoy and Pandora will form a playlist tailored to your interests. It’s a great way to listen to commercial-free music and find new artists. Even better, the new iPhone 4 allows for multi-tasking, which is build precisely for Pandora: you can listen to streaming music while using any other function on your phone.



4. Remote (Free)


This application is one of the major reasons why the iPhone is so cool. It turns your iPhone into a remote control that takes over iTunes on your computer and allows you to pick what to play through your speaker system. It also controls Apple TV if your lucky enough to have one, all from the palm of your hand.



5. Shazam (Free)


When the iPhone App store first launched, Shazam was the app that everyone was buzzing about, and for good reason. If you’re in a bar and a song comes on that you can’t instantly identify, Shazam will listen to a short sampling of the song and let you know the artist and song. These days, it’s still one of the most ingenious, yet simplest Apps to have.


How to Watch Porn

I didn’t list many applications featuring scantily clad females, mostly because the ones available are so lame due to the adult restrictions that Apple has set. But if your looking to be that guy with the mobile jerk-off station, here’s how to get your dirty videos from your computer to your phone in 5 easy steps.

1. Download the program “Handbrake” onto your computer (it’s free).

2. Open the program and it will instantly prompt you to choose a file — pick your favorite adult entertainmento from your harddrive.

3. On the right hand side there is a tab that can open up to select what type of media platform you want to use. Click “Apple” then select “iPhone.”

4. Press the green start button in the top left corner.

5. Wait until it finishes converting, then drag the new file (it will be on your desktop), into iTunes and sync your phone. You now have adult entertainment on your iphone. You’re welcome.

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