Alleged Russian Spy Anna Chapman or ‘Too Hot For Citibank’ Ex-Employee Debralee Lorenzana?

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The month of June is officially over. Before we swan dive into July and begin tackling LeBron’s free agency, let’s take a second to take a quick look back at two obscure women living in New York City who stole the limelight during the month of June.


All month long, two striking females have managed to bookend New York’s newspapers, tabloids, and gossip blogs for two very different reasons: Debralee Lorenzana, a “head-turning beauty” who claims to have been fired from Citibank for being “too hot” and Anna Chapman, a 28-year old redheaded social media and real estate entrepreneur who was busted by the FBI and quickly labeled “a Russian spy” for participating in the largest covert espionage ring operating on United States soil since the Cold War. Each women boasts a compelling, seductive storyline with significant media attention, so we won’t be surprised when each saga eventually makes it’s way to the big screen.


While we’re waiting for each darling to sign away their movie rights to Hollywood (or, in Chapman’s case — if convicted — serve five years in prison), we want to know which one you’d rather hook-up with? Anna Chapman, the alleged “millionaire” secret agent who infiltrated foreign economic circles to smuggle secrets back to Mother Russia, or Debralee Lorenzana, the 33-year-old single mom who’s suing Citibank for firing her on the grounds of being “too hot.” More photos and videos after the jump. Sound off in the comments.


Anna Chapman


Potentially Dostoevskian Damning Self-description: “In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”

Damning Media Nickname: “Russian Femme Fatale” and “The Soho Spy”

Education: She claims to speak Russian, English, German and French. Claims to have a masters degree in economics from a Russian university.

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Debralee Lorenzana



Potentially Damning Self-description: “J.Lo curves meets Jessica Simpson rack meets Audrey Hepburn elegance.”

Damning Media Nickname: “Tits on a stick”

Education: “A degree as an emergency medical technician from a technical college in Manatí, a small city on the northern coast (of Puerto Rico)” via VV

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